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Rule the world is a unique twist on the strategy war game in which the player invades tiles to conquer and rule the world.

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We combine hand drawn chalkboard style graphics with a turn-based card game. The player has the ability to upgrade new cards and build their own deck, tailored towards the enemy. Do you have what it takes to organise and lead your troops to victory?

You will fight multiple enemies each with their own agenda, to rule the world! The player begins with a single tile in Europe and progresses by capturing more and more tiles to eventually battle the territory leader. Once all the tiles in the territory have been captured the neighboring territories unlock enabling the player to expand their empire in different directions.

The early battles are based around Rock, Paper, Scissors. The player begins with 3 suits and each has a strength and weakness over another. As more and more troop cards get unlocked 2 new suits enter the players hand and the game starts to provide a variation of strengths and weaknesses that the player has to balance. Calculating what cards to use out of the 6 that are dealt per turn, is the core of the game.

We've been working on the game for just under a year now, going through countless iterations with a team of 1-2 developers. We're really interested to know what you think and to make any improvements. Make yourself heard in the comment section, and follow us on social media!

Help us get on to Steam Greenlight, vote Yes!

Twitter: @RuleTheWorldWRG

Facebook: /Rule-The-World

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