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New sounds, animation rewrite, stamina idea added.

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We have been working hard this last week since the last updates and we have lots of stuff to show you guys before the end of February.

We've added stamina, the longer you run and the more you hit the monsters with you bare hands you get tired, your stamina will get replenish when you are not fighting or when you are walking

Screenshot 2016 02 13 18 32 34

Idle state - now when you just stand there archer will use it's idle animation to look around

We've added simple icons and keyboard indices to fast_access helping you understand which spell is which

Screenshot 2016 02 13 18 32 37

3D Positional audio has been added for first flare spell, helping you to understand from which direction it's going after you

Animation engine has been optimized to handle more monsters and animations

Video of the new sounds can be viewed here

Added a lot of sounds, big thanks to MoSA
Song Composer - Rob Westwood

Full changelog:

11:07 AM 2/13/2016
port stamina model from sh
add sounds for monster walk
check sounds on archer getting hit
add sounds to monster attacking/getting hit,dying [for tacke only]
new arrow sounds
add sounds for spell init
fake3d for tmp animation, just use distance from us to monster to estimate volume/50
separate spell execution from chara so anyone(gui, chara, external) can execute them+GUI calls for them
added simple spells images

10:04 AM 2/12/2016
DO IT AND ADD IDLE/STAND IDEA,***too long idle, switch to stand animation!!!
Animation we need to store our final matrices, and if needed lerp between them. Store data directly in anim seq!.
blend error in new animation mode[suggestion for blend don't decouple matrices use direct blend!]
new 2d sound
PERHAPS REWRITE AUDIO on oalsoft is more openal bugs persist or remove openall all together![we can remove it all together we have XTK now, no need for old OAL] - let's add New Audio2D sound class! to remove OAL al least from rpg
3D SOUND VOLUME is broken, leaving for the end
make a nice class for sounds[start with 2d] then port 3d in some nice type of sounds[CACHE THE SOUNDS, 3d included with some special things]

1:04 PM 2/11/2016
prepared more animation setting, started porting sounds
we found bug anim_end doesn't get called fixed
basic 2d on anim sound implemented

9:11 PM 2/10/2016
improved animation speed for animation engine
added skipping anim seq if lerp is 0

10:29 AM 2/8/2016
few server safety checks added
offline debug mode added
perf improved UpdateTreeTRFM
old slow pNode replaced with direct matrices

8:27 PM 2/7/2016
CAnimated Texture class[classic with many files+new one that load from one big file!][We have d3dxloadtexfromtex use that function]
now we need to make CAnimated class hashed to prevent creating of many unneded texs at runtime![hashed version added]
eSpellindices added
BLOOD on hit with varios[1..8] image loading, on arrow and spell!
added test explosion spell

taintedpyro813 - - 664 comments

awesome! keep up the great work

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