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New spells, improved grass shading and much more for this week.

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We have been working hard this last week since the last updates and we have lots of stuff to show you guys before the end of February.

We have added new spells:
Slowdown ring(monster will attack and move slower in it, they can also cast it on you)

Screenshot 2016 02 06 17 19 05
Fire ring (this one will continuously drain your health)

Screenshot 2016 02 06 17 20 00

Lighting ring (lighting will hit it every second you stand in it)

Screenshot 2016 02 06 17 19 26

Flare Spells now have color based on who is sending them
(player is yellow, mushrooms are red and elongata is acid color)

Sending flares in all direction (useful spell for elongata to attack you), can be used by user as well:

Screenshot 2016 02 06 17 19 19

All of those can be seen in the video up above:

New animated flare(i have much more of those, i have recently started porting them for the game)
Now spells will fade once they hit the wall and not travel infinetly
We have also added grass shadows making it look much better

Next version should have more correct flare hit detection and possible blood if i find some sprites for it and fireballs with explosions.

If you are designer/3D/audio composer/person who can draw and want to help me in exchange for sharing profits on the sales contact me: dev@s5zone.pw
If you want to donate here's my patreon account Patreon.com

Full changelog:
5:27 PM 2/5/2016
monster moving while slowed down is incorrect, actual moving per unit is still the same!
added random turn of multi flare spell, making it less predictable
another spell is white ring, where lighting hits every 3 seconds lol :D
grass enchnacements, fixed few bugs from few spells that cause grass problems

9:23 PM 2/4/2016
attack only on empty state & don't attack if chara id dead[we have some functions that let us find who we will attack use that

12:23 AM 2/3/2016
make sure collision of our spells dies when it hits the wall!
direct cast mode added[we need to make it more general]
if monster attacks, his spell can only hit a wall or user
make flares affect only user to monster[need some ignore flag][we can query host->primary for this]
patch main code to allow direct speed manipulation, use some value to store base vaules!
slowdown action added
create our rotation thingy from the point where lighting goes[we should use many spells to create it, otherwise we post shitcode], we need to make it more generalized, overwrite damage and e.t.c. that should allow us use many different variations of spells[we need to have interfaces for that,because we will have many same_code]
touhou style spell where you create things aroung you and make them fly in all directions![they slow and 6-16 amount depening on difficulty that fly everywhere!][how about we attach it to elongata and make it green aka acidic](remaining thingy is to attach it]
fix damage problem[wrongly calculated]

2:53 PM 2/2/2016
slowdown spell
iCoreMiniSRG replaced for some form of delete crash

2:54 PM 2/1/2016
server sometimes has "Bad error, already deleted"[first probably cause is the dual calling of the delete routine for laggy clieents]

3:06 PM 1/31/2016
grass filtering for monsters added
grass will now recieve correct shadows
code cleanup
ice/fire base for ground spells added
animated texture reusage for spells
1 and 4 spells are colliding and causing problems!
BUG->sometimes we cast 2 spells at once
marked monster spells as red for diff

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