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Post news RSS RPG Idea Update [6/5/2016-> 7/13/2016]

new chests, improved textures, inventory & equip system.

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It's been some long time since we posted updates on the game, so here's what's new.

  • Texture resolutions has been improved resulting in much better looking monsters
  • Added simple chest with animation
  • Now for killing each monster you get reward
  • First person view has been improved in the game

  • New inventory system, now you can interact with picked up items like you should.
  • At present each equipment have 4 slots with randomly generated bonues such as more mana/health, faster restoration, higher walking/attacking speed e.t.c.
  • Equipment menu has been added, so you can easy equip and remove items from inventory to your character, at present only boots and weapons has been implemented

Here's full changelog:

11:44 AM 7/12/2016
actual bonuses implementation
bug monsters appear dead!
happens because heal executes instruction, which sets health to 0
health perhit must be in OnHit event

1:04 PM 7/11/2016
items bat fixed wrong tex pos
bring back cooldown, need fixes around new interfaces
uneqip button
add seh crash detection routine, since studio now ignores it, at least write dump
bad idea to clear list, added mark2delete old working concept to equip
we can iterate over our items and set our quick access to the ones we found, if none is found quick is disabled
bring back mushroom desc

9:58 AM 7/10/2016
new functions to test can we qeuip or use the item
use functionality brough back
consuming added
items jungle equpment->back
better interfaces from various gui in equip

10:25 AM 7/7/2016
texenv class will be created by interface function from inside the class, that way we will have control over it, and just a call fun(gc) to create it
OPERATOR IN MAP to group similar entitys
2 new generic functions GetName,
GetExInfo one returns pure name another reutrns highlights for gui
we either must delete gui with the actor and clean it from arrays, or once we pickup actors we should block it from removing by something big :)
or as alternative we just refcount it
if we can't save map_ptr we can just have additional array that we will fill from the map, also draw inverted

12:14 PM 7/6/2016
old texloader for compatibility added

10:00 AM 6/29/2016
iScene export scene_fps for test+max iters vals[so we can make them 1 in debug mode]
iScene FRI moved outside of old static stuff
added cooldown class, starter removing of sinvitm madness

11:13 AM 6/26/2016
new idea let's merge our classes![sInvItem and our objects, that will remove the need to create stuff)

11:28 PM 6/22/2016
added item picking and random item internal generatios
how to create wespon, first deselect then from the main mesh, then just extract them

2:03 PM 6/21/2016
bonues as enum that attaches to the player
there are random bonues[that are slot based][to prevent repeating some are limited to separate segments like in d3]
+random sword+legs generation needed
main things are, attack speed, walk speed, pure damage, +health, +health restoration

10:48 AM 6/20/2016
DON't forget about mana boost weapon

11:42 AM 6/17/2016
stamina picking added
aks idea to make everything just a little bit faster

10:18 AM 6/16/2016
cleared old shadows code
cleaned more old ccity code, removed old generators
multiple attack modes, we randomize our attacks and not using 1 animation for them!
iE3DKeyframedAnimationSet hashing idea
LET'S do our attack the more we attack the faster it gets style, also let's make random repeatable attacks!
patched random generator to random [a,b] not [a,b)
minor raycast fixes
user opens chests, insides get positoned from the chest
first we spawn our swords, then just once the chest opened city->gen->spawn stuff
we also need stuff id instead of meshdir everywhere!
add chests, we wanted them
random spawn around system introduces
improved monster spawn code
mon align only when move

user kills enemy + user gots items also randomly positioned around[same as chest, but jsut around monster)]

3:09 PM 6/14/2016
DirectX::ScratchImage added
one primary load function from filenames+memory added[uses DDS,TGA,WIC and freeimage in worst case]
removed one little bug in freeimage loader
started development of chest concept
opening chest done

10:18 AM 6/12/2016
perhaps a bad idea, but how about non collision raycast but instead our actors AABB test!, then raycast that objects
enemy iterating bugfix
ImageLoader added from memory for uniloader!
MimMap gen moved away from thread loader

12:04 AM 6/10/2016
mon on mon problem, we send cast frmo monster to it's target, if there is monster there we wait
how we estimate how long the line - we have phcol extents just use half of them, and also draw that line to test with various monster
that code needs to be before set walk to block it without lag, and only enable if the monster can move
this stuff is causing stal, making all 3 monsters stand, we need past test for that stuff!
basic idea is to just write in actor that it's the blocker, and then on next tests ignore that flag, then reset that flag!

12:56 PM 6/9/2016
second is cut parts of the mesh so we can place them as props in forest
added threaded loader for CAnimatedTex to prevent stalling
animatex sheet bugfix for threaded loader

9:42 AM 6/8/2016
add stall informing when waiting for uour loader
we have lots of places that for some reason are waiting for textures to load
add to all stall function, e3d_Warn about stalling with bool above))

10:24 AM 6/6/2016
grass zero level is not drawn at the center of the user, found out why - it's getting drawn
visualise grass drawn levels
fixed grass lerp for faraway places
need to check our old grass max file and maybe add more different style of grasses, maybe optimize it's rendering
stall is founded on AddTexturesFromSheet, fixed by adding caching of spell effects
new render idea - do our sort[let's try it][In case of new little buffers we won't be neededing any sort stuff, but that may impact perfomance since there is gonna be lots of stuff to render

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mgfg22 - - 110 comments


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Skydante - - 51 comments

Is it multiplayer ?

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s5zone Author
s5zone - - 8 comments

yep, coop mode, i think up to 50 player will be possible.

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