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Basically waiting for Xbox Live Indie Games to get some maintenance done to the system so I can send the new play test in to the community. So this is just a waiting game right now. Also those trying to reach the office our phone will be out for the next day or two ATT again is pull their head from their rear ends as usual....

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Rofaxan has received, since the bounce from peer review, Higher quality music, it's actually the highest we can do with it being on XBLIG other wise it would just be music and no game. The game is now exited by hitting back and start buttons and then confirming the exit as you would expect from any other game. Enemies have been increased in speed by maybe 1% as well as bullet fire. Didn't have time to address it but the next update will modify some of Boss 2 behaviors to make him more shall we say brutal. So phones out for two or so days, waiting for Microsoft to fix submission system and Rofaxan is ready for play testing hell of a start to the week!

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