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Harmonix opens the gates for bands to upload their own music to Rock Band.

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Rock Band is awesome, I cant think of any other game that I've played that makes me and my mates feel like rock gods that are only alive to rock the virtual audience's socks off, hard. Even nowdays I'll pull out the worn plastic instruments of virtual rock, and blast away a few songs. It does get old though, who knows how many times I've played the same songs over and over. So the announcement of the Rock Band Network surprised me when I first saw it, mostly because that my Rock Band experience has always been crafted by the developers themselves. The Rock Band Network in theory should be like the iTunes store, where bands will be able to sell their recorded music over the internet and get paid from the sales except that the Rock Band Network will have the artists creating a playable track along with the music.

Sounds exciting does it not? The ability for bands to promote themselves over a game is great, the tools that the developers used being offered up to help the experience over. I just worry that the balance the game has created with the now "vanilla" tracks will be very different for each uploader. Still its a very good idea, and it only makes Rock Band a better game.

Go here if you want to get more information on the project.

Sionfel - - 1,550 comments

Is it simply for bands, or will there also be a bunch of idiots that post their songs too?

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Fallen_Angel.cz - - 20 comments

Well I guess even bunch of idiots can form a band :)

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Aaagreen - - 225 comments

Remember Mcfly?


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awesomepossum - - 997 comments

Oh really? sounds interesting

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Pyroninja41 - - 62 comments



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Loftless - - 41 comments

Licensing issues anyone? I'm just saying. How long will it take some moron to try and upload music that is not their own... I say the first day =/

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wazanator - - 761 comments

I think they will probably have all the songs screened first before making them available to make sure that there isn't any problems license wise.

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Fiestainabox - - 64 comments

I saw this on gamespot, it costs 404 dollars total to actually make a single song. 255 dollars for the program, 99 dollars per year for XNA, and 50 dollars a year for XBL. On top of that Harmonix takes 70% of your sales.

It's a neat concept, but don't expect to actually make money off it for a long time. It's only really reasonable for Moderately popular bands that want to take themselves out of the myspace stage. Even then, you gotta fight off a couple hundred other bands to get publicity from it.

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