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King Kais Planet added, the spcae level was expanded to contain all important elements till freeza saga, movechanges, character remakes.. we were kinda busy in last time...

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Lotsa little changes, several bigger changes - but posting news for each new revision is just too boring, so heres a summary:

Rev 1546
- fixed space
- experiment on loozzer 2
- removed an accidentally uploaded experimental move from trunks
Rev 1545
+ added the textures i gorgot in rev 1544
Rev 1544
- Superpunch locks longer if it misses (= hits a non blocking, non locked player)
* Freeza 2+D knockout down a notch; the doubledisc is now spawned when one disc is already around
+ LeenaInverse: Shield fixed - it can reflect again
* SpaceballZ: full remake
* Sphere: gravity is now centered
* Alphatest: King Kais Planet - textures not done yet
+ Vegeta 2+D: added a second set of rings
~ Gotenks 2+D: cleanup
+ Buu: 1+2 buffed a bit
+ Dabura 2+D: speed up
Rev 1543
+ updatelog added
* aang: 2 is now a smaller and faster wave
* aang: 2+U now creates an instable fireball when charged too much
* aang: 1+2 is now a windattack
* goku: 2+D goku now rushes towards the opponent; his next 2+D is a normal shockwave again
+ uub: 1+2 aiming adjusted
- vegeta: 2+D creates only two rings if charged 50% or more
+ moveclass wide-beam buffed by incresing chargerate and speed
- C16: turbolaser damage and repell reduced, energycost increased
+ C16: 1+2 Nuke chargespeed doubled
* Superpunches now also do not lock the user if the enemy is locked, but lock longer if used on unlocked, unblocking opponents
* Birdie: turbolaser damage and repell reduced, energycost increased, but 2+U and 2+D activate it now as well
+ piccolo: Hellmines got cheaper and a bit stronger

About the new levels...

King KaiĀ“s Planet was more then overdue to come while SpaceballZ got a complete remake, now starring major locations from DBZ - or whats left of them...

Have fun with it :D


Awesome, thanks

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here i can donwload ???

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yes at donwload section you can donwload it

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