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New classes, maps, models, game modes, and a some engine upgrades coming...

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There's a lot going on right now. If you take a quick look at our forums you will see.

First off, we are moving to Tesseract. If you don't know what that is, it adds more modern lighting to the engine, lights are done in real time instead of pre-calculated. Tesseract looks better graphically than default cube 2 all around. Unfortunately, most of our maps aren't compatible with it. We will need to remake them or make totally new ones.

In the past we have had problems with licensing. While that's been dealt with, we still have many models and textures from Sauerbraten and RE. We are permitted by their licenses to use them, it makes the game look sort of ripped off. So we are clearing the packages folder of things that don't belong to us and making our own art. So far it's been surprisingly easy, the difficult part will be the player models and weapon models. . In the end it will be well worth it though.

Since so many things are being remodeled it's the perfect time to add gameplay elements. The class setup is going to be changed. Classes will be less alike, and there will be 6 instead of 4. They are designed to be team players, and they have stats and abilities to encourage it. We are adding capture, assault (one team attacks and one holds bases) and team arena (no respawns last team standing) game modes, and survival will be changed to suit coop games.

We do have an ongoing debate about removing ffa mode because it would be imbalanced. There has been ideas to fix this but it would end up being very different from other game modes. It would really help to hear other's opinions on this. You can comment, inbox, email, post on our forums, whatever, we need to know what others think.

We are planning other features like irc chat and clan support, but the previous things are the most important and will likely be done first.


That will take a lot of work, but judging by the screenshots, you chaps can do it.

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donnelly517 Author

Thank you. It's been going pretty well so far, especially in the art department. A recent idea of chasester's to add that isn't included in here is to increase the size of player models by 4x. The whole game would change scale accordingly except for gridsizes. We should be able to have more detailed textures and geometry without sacrificing too much performance.

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