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An article detailing release date and hour, and going into a bit more detail with the new features.

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Heya! Nut here, just wanted to inform you of the release date for the mod, and do a more in-depth dive into the features for 1.0

The mod will be launching on april 5th, 10:00 am CET, or 03:00 am CST.

The features the mod will give to the normal user:

- An Improved Game

the game now runs in 64 bits, wich means the game has more memory to play with.

- A better headbob

it now uses SOMA's headbob, so it looks a lot better, and it changes with health

The features the mod will give to the modder:

- An Update Function

it will get called every frame, and has a timeStep variable, that measures time in between calls.

- Infinite Lanterns

long gone are the days of only one lantern per full conversion! you can now add as many as you'd like to the game by using a simple naming rule and a script, more details in the documentation.

- Infinite Arms

You can also add an infinite ammount of arms using a script and the same naming rule as for the lantern.

- Setting/Getting rotations

this allows you to get and set the rotation of any entity via script.

- Removing notes from the journal

this will allow you to, as the name implies, remove notes from the player's journal via script.

That is all, it should hopefully give more options to the modders that are still around, Thanks for reading!

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