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Windows and Linux builds are off to Desura. Fingers crossed for a smooth release. Actually crossing my fingers would make it hard to type, so the knot in my stomach will have to suffice.

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MurderHobo: Aggravation Quest goes live very soon. Now that I'm not spending most of my time hunting for bugs, I'm free to jump up and down begging for attention like a four-year-old on prescription amphetamines. Or the internet equivalent of that anyway. Hence, this newspost!

Desura builds are off to press. Windows and Linux went up yesterday, Mac build going up basically as soon as I have time on a Mac to verify that my upload works. Approval pending and all that, but so far everything's on schedule. Emails are going out to other distribution networks now. Which ones TBD.

If there's anything you'd like to know about the game, I check this page constantly. Post up and I'll answer.

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