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Do you wan't like to make games. But don't know how to make them. Well then start here to make it in the top's. We don't pay you you don't pay us,That is what we call the D.P.Y.Y.D.P Protocol! Long story short Your career starts here.

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Ever thought that you will never make it into the big shots of the gaming industry.
Or even make one your self.

That's normal almost no one can make an game on his/her own.
I thought the same.

And that's why i started this team.
To make games without cost's or earnings.
We do it for free and we don't give or take money.

We do it for the experience.

Enlist now at deathslycer@gmail.com SUBJECT [PSD-REG]Name[PSD-REG]

I thank you in advance.

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