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We have completed hit detection (we just have to test it)! Here we describe how it works.

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RDM has reached milestone 2! What is that milestone you ask? Why, it is hit detection!

Hit detection is normally done by traces from a gun straight ahead until it hits something. If it hits a player, they take damage. Since we aren't using guns, we cannot do anything even close to this.

Since we don't want to do a bunch of traces on every think (that would lag a LOT), we decided to add another entity (rdm_hitbox) to go on hands and feet. This is a basic entity that will not collide with anything while having a shape and size (a box).

On a physics collision, rdm_hitbox ignores the collision UNLESS it is a ragdoll that another player is controlling. If it does hit another player, it checks a table of multipliers (so that if you hit someon's head, it does 3 times the damage...) and then takes away their health.

Our next milestone: Powerups!

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