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This a list of Playable races in Nova. The races include 2 elf's, dwarf a dragma, and many more

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The Playable races of Nova are
1. High Elf,- They look down on all the races of Nova, because they think they are above everybody.
2.Light Elf- They live next to the High Elves.
2.Dwarfs. They live in the mountains in caves, that they have made into huge cities.
3. Human- They live in small and scattered villages in Nova.
4. Gnome- They are a little smaller then a human but a few meters taller then a dwarf.
5. Half- Demon-
6. Half-Elf- they
7.Hal-fling They
8.Nuke moors- they live in giant hollowed out trees.
9. Dragma- They are half human and a Fire drake. They live where it is all ways sunshine
List subject to change


If you guys are still working on this, I kind of would like to see what the half demon and dragma look like please.

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