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First News xD. Just making this to talk about the team and announcing our next project.

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So after the release of Varion 1.0 we didn't really get excited like we should of but where sick of source engine with all it's limitations when trying to make stuff work. Some people would disagree but it's a terrible engine for modding for as you need to write atleast 800 lines of code just to fix a damn bug in the code.

Going Indie ??:

So we have been looking into other projects and thinking about creating our own engine. We decided that we wanted to go to XNA and then relised that we should do Varion using xna as my mate has a really advanced fps engine. So now we are going to be recreating on Xbox 360 along with a open source release on the pc in the next few years. This time a lot of things are being done differently along with expanding our team and totally redesigning the hole mod.

So this time we are going to be making a single player and a multiplyer. The multiplyer will be the main source off income though as we don't need servers as XNA is peer-to-peer so we can make some really exciting stuff and not worrying about servers. We have a very talented coder on the team who knows a lot about the engine and making games.

The project will be sold though so we can at least earn some money maybe buy some servers for varion mod depending on the popularity. So basicly we won't be updating Varion anymore as source engine is just a waste of time we think as it's to many bugs in the engine and making mods so we are going to be making our own engine (built from mates engine) and this way we can make stuff how we want it and really get some unquie ideas in the game which we have planned in a big document.

Want to learn more about Varion, Concepts or Ideas ??. Or even want to apply then please visit:

Thanks for reading, Kamikazi Uk.

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