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The Beginning of Project Crypt, of what is to come.

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Project Crypt is a mod made by Tabijaky, using Behead the Undead 2 as a base. The mod is going to be using 3D models, a technology rarely seen in Doom Mods. This mod is going to have a compelling storyline. What secrets does it hold? It is up to you to find out in Behead the Undead 2: Project Crypt

I've been alone for 2 years, feeling cold and numb just... feels right. I don't feel sad or glad about it, I'm just used to it, I live with it, but living this.. hurts. I wanna break out of this cycle, but I never can when something is always tearing you down. -Isaac Røgerson

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Behead the Undead 2: Project Crypt

Behead the Undead 2: Project Crypt is a beginning to "Project Crypt: Episode 1" - the player doesn't matter, the guy you see is the matter, you don't know who he is, for now.

Story so far:

In this day and age, 2050, humanity has come face to face to an apocalypse. The entirety of the United States landmass has been wiped out by a previously unknown virus - Corrosium Infumiscos. The United Nations has already blocked all access to it and named it "no man's land", and the rest of the world's on high alert. You are a member of the TAC-8, and your job is to locate any survivors, and contain the virus. Godspeed, for the safety of mankind

Large Hard 2019

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