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Here are the people who joined us in the project, please join this project and help us :)

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So here are the people who are in the project (Who joined in order)

moustro19 - Adminstrator, Texturing, Music, Ideas, Models, Story, Tester, Youtuber (Rarely)
kabeltelevizio - Pre-Adminstrator, Menu, Tester, Ideas
ThatBlueMate - Pre-Adminstrator, Tester, Ideas
Widderune - Pre-Adminstrator, Programming, Tester, Ideas

If you want to join this project, you have to have a skill in any of these and have the requirements:

Story - Make up story's of how everything began or what is happening within the game

Youtuber - Creates videos of the game and posts it on YouTube

Texturing - Able to edit .png, .jpg, and .dds files

Music - Able to edit .wav files

Ideas - Ideas for storyline, and other things

Models - Able to edit .x and .tga files, must be able to add more things to something

Menu - Fix menu and loading screen bugs, edit menu screen and loading screen

Programmer - Able to edit .exe files, fix .exe bugs, program certain things or create certain things for the game (such as settings)

Scripter - Creates scripts for the game and certain things

Debugger - Whenever a Tester finds a bug in the game, the Debugger must try to fix it himself, if it doesn't fix, he tells the person who has the same job as where the bug is (For a example: The script is bugged and the Debugger cannot fix it, he must tell the Scripter)

Tester - Tests the game to see if there is any bugs, if there is one, you must report to the Adminstrator, then you must report to the Debugger

Modder - Mods the game and publish the mod

Adminstrator - In charge of about everything, the king of the group, the Adminstrator must be told everything by the Pre-Adminstrator, there can only be one Adminstrator

Pre-Adminstrator - The Pre-Adminstrator asks everyone what is going on and then report back about what is going on to the Adminstrator, the maximum amount of Pre-Adminstrator's are 7

These rankings tell what group your in and what you do, if you help more, then you can have a higher ranking
First you have the group number and then a name of a dwarf planet/planet/sun
And here are the people who have this ranking

1 - Huya
2 - Chaos
3 - Salacia
4 - Ixion
5 - Varuna
6 - Varda
7 - Ceres
8 - Quaoar
9 - Orcus
10 - Sedna
11 - Haumea
12 - Makemake
13 - Pluto
14 - Eris
15 - Mercury
16 - Mars
17 - Venus
18 - Earth
19 - Neptune
20 - Uranus
21 - Saturn
22 - Jupiter
23 - Sun
moustro19 - 10 - Leader 23
kabeltelevizio - 9
TheBlueMate - 1
widderune - 1

The maximum amount of points there is in a group is about 10, if you have anymore points then that, then you will be promoted to the next group unless you are in group Sun, if there is two people with the same number of points, whoever had that amount of points first will be leader, for a example: You are in group 17, because you had more then 10 points, you become a part of group 10.

How to earn points:

Help a noob in the group - 1+
Welcome a new member - 1+
Mod Special Containment Procedure 096 - 2+
Help someone edit/build the game - 2+
Create a update because of you - 3+

How to lose points:

Use bad language - 1-
Threaten someone - 2-
Pretend to leave the group - 2-
Threaten higher level groups - 3-
Betray the group - 4-

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