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Post news RSS Pro Gamer Manager full release on Steam April 29th!

After 7 months of Early Access, this eSport Tycoon Management sim finally comes out on Steam! Major update #175 is out now!

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Raptor Claw Games are very pleased to announce that PGM will be released on Steam for PC on April 29th. It’s been an amazing journey through Early Access and we’re super excited to give you this special content update. This eSport tycoon management simulator is now ready to take the next step and reach out to a wider audience.

Development will continue after release, we still have tons of new features and content that we want to get into the game, including tutorial and glossary codex for both gamemodes, support for atleast 4-5 more languages and achievements, so stay tuned for regular updates on Steam.

Update notes Build 175

We just released a major update #175. Introducing Staff assignments, ManagerPhone, Transfermarket, Gaminghouse Events & Characters, Bootcamps, Investments, Internet Celebs, Reserve Team, Talk to players, Advanced FPS tactics, Custom team names and much more.


  • New Feature* Track all your staffmembers progress in Managerdesk
  • New Feature* ManagerPhone and Transfermarket added
  • New Feature* Host events in gaminghouse for sponsors or fans
  • New Feature* Send your team on challenge/semipro/elite bootcamp
  • 48 new characters added to visit the gaminghouse
  • Assign your staff to specific tasks suited their expertise
  • Create your own promotional campaigns to reach out to new fans
  • Community Manager can prepare promotional campaigns every 5 days
  • Player scout finds new updated Free Agents every 30 days
  • Choose when to accept an updated list from scout
  • Finance Director will now find new income opportunities
  • Streaming Manager can invite internet celebs to the gaminghouse
  • Sponsorship Manager can host happenings to attract new sponsors
  • Esport Coach now helps to plan and schedule bootcamps for team
  • Promotional eSport Broadcast can be arranged from gaminghouse
  • Esport TV Crew now shows up in their room when broadcasting
  • Board Director can find investment opportunities every 30 days
  • Managerdesk has been expanded with new content
  • Contact Gamingpress and EsportNews to make announcements
  • Affect other teams transfer behaviours in ManagerPhone
  • Option added to customize and rename teams in Team Profile
  • Option added to bid on other teams players in Team Profile
  • Esport League #3 and #4 overall skill has been balanced
  • FPS Manager Mode matches now shows Attackers / Defenders
  • Added option to talk to each player about their performance
  • Tournament prizes now show up in trophy room
  • Keep track of your old players transfer history
  • Staff salarys has been balanced
  • CPU Manager AI improved for all teams in all leagues
  • CPU Controlled teams transfer/finance AI has been improved
  • Individual tactics options for all FPS classes has been added
  • Option added to skip a WorldEvent Tournament after elimination
  • Match engine has been improved for both FPS and FOBA
  • Better UI for Tech and Practice and Upgrades
  • Kicked players remain in the game and can return at some point
  • Offensive and Defensive philosophies added to FPS tactics
  • Upgrade reserve team in organisation now unlocks new content
  • Bio added to Manager Profile with player career history
  • Contact your sponsor and adjust your sponsorship deal
  • Gather your staff to a meeting to boost assignment progress
  • Inform team about your expecations for current season
  • Set your current focus for the eSport organisation
  • Players now like/dislike Manager based on dialogues
  • Saving and loading should be faster
  • New improved soundeffects for both gamemodes
  • New improved textures for both gamemodes
  • 78 minor and major reported issues and bugs has been fixed
  • Savefiles from previous version are compatible and should work fine in build 175
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