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I big fan of cars. And so I made a simulator game about off-road driving with good physics (I think). I want to improve the game, but it depends on the success of sales. Now I need as much as possible wishlist. I think you understand how it works.

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Offroad Mania

I big fan of cars. And so I (with my brother) made a simulator game about off-road driving with good physics (I think).

Add to your wishlist: Store.steampowered.com Thank you!

Pre-release Offroad Mania: How I increased Steam wishlist

1. Select the correct release date(!)

I'm going to release my game "Offroad Mania" on Steam Feb 10, 2020.

I selected this date because there no AAA releases, no any same game releases (about cars), no big SALEs on Steam at this moment.

It is necessary that after the release took 30 days to get to the SPRING SALE (Steam have only 4 big sales, one per season). It's very important(!).

I want to improve the game, but it depends on the success of sales. Now I need as much as possible wishlist. I think you understand how it works. Add to your wishlist (look to the top ☝️), it's really will help to me.

If you will have many wishes it's increase your chance add game into category "New and trends" (automatically by Steam algorithm). It's very important. VERY IMPORTANT(!). Therefore, I tell what do below.

2. Send the game page on the review as soon as possible.

Because: 1) you will get a public link to the page that you can use for marketing; 2) Steam will begin to display a banner of your game on the pages of other projects (below).

Hint: I made this picture so I can easily place it on any website, forum, social network, etc.

Add to your wishlist on Steam

3. Add the correct tags.

Each tag is a link, which Steam will use for search similar games. Search uses the first 15 tags, to display similar games Steam use the first 20 tags.

I took a tags from similar game. And I added a few new ones (look here Store.steampowered.com).

My tags:

Indie, Racing, Simulation, Casual, Sports, Controller, Physics, Driving, Automobile Sim, Offroad, Singleplayer, Sandbox, Third Person, First-Person, Exploration, Addictive, Adventure, Difficult, Family Friendly, Realistic, Atmospheric, Arcade.

Some say that it is necessary to ask people to choose the right-necessary tags.

4. Make developers page.

There will be links to all of your sports, news, etc.

5. Make free keys for press/beta-testers(!).

I give some keys for youtubers.

6. Use youtubers for game review.

Use free press-keys for this. I searched some channels with reviews of similar games (Pure Rock Crawling, Offroad Outlaws) with maximum views and many subscribers through YouTube.

My youtubers:

Xofroggy, SLAPTrain, Xpertgamingtech, tc9700gaming, Bay Area Buggs, Jimmy Broadbent, ElectroHopper, SpeirsTheAmazingHD, Drae, GrayStillPlays, Jeff Favignano, WhyBeAre, Cristineltr, Elite Rejects, Neilogical, Crash Hard, DieselDesigns Gaming, Ganja Gaming, Jimmy Dali, Cooper Channel, ConstructionSimulator2 FAN, Powerful Cars, Arthur and Simone Chapman, ASMR RelaxingGaming, Square2448, Automotive Game Freaks, Ross de Boss, Raccoon 28, JonoZ, Rusty Dog, SimRacing Life, OG Wonka, Cedus, iBraap, Cunnigan, CodexGT540m, SD1ONE, Hindustan Gamer, handige harry, Play4Games.

I still wait review from them, but maybe not all will make. I think it depends on the interest of my game for them.

Big thanks for Xofroggy(!) because he find some glitches and be first who made gameplay video on Youtube.

7. Use Steam curators for game review.

Keys for curators will make automatically when you send request for review trough Steam panel.

You can see all curators here Store.steampowered.com

Steam help to find curators (need to select tags, platform, language settings). I used tag "Automobile Sim".

Steam allows you to write only to 100 curators (the keys are automatically).

Hint: Use 50 before release and 50 after.

Because after game release, many curators will (I hope) ask you the keys. The easiest way use the Steam Curators page.

My curators:

Better Play This, IndieGO, Fun Fab Game Reviews, GiZmO GaMeR, Steaⅿ Ⅰlluminati, MAGIC FROG`S GAMES, Freaks Community, Hyptronic's Game Empire, Big in Japan ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), The Killing Reviews, MyIndieWishlist, LOVE❤Games, Club Games Reviewer, Foures Army, Review Score Pollution™, Best of driving games, Better Play This, Indie MEGABOOTH, Check'n Games, Get Games Cheap, Hookups, IndieGames, Yes/No, YES / NO, PC Gamer, Critiquing Doge, GrabTheGames, Indie Games Group, Indie Champions, Indie Diamonds, IndiePromo, True Reviews English Edition, Designer Plays, GamingTaylor, Rebbet recommends, True Reviews, Gaming Grandma, Mixe Games, ReviewExperts, IndieGems, Original Curators Group, Razors Edge Urath Online Saga, True Game Truths, Bruce's Batcave, Devious Picks, Sim UK, Doges 'R' Us, GameGator, Simulatoren Welt, German_Gamer_Community, Шуршалки.

Most in English, some in Russian and German (are big fans of simulators).

8. Make GIFs(!).

Because animated gifs much more clickable. And just it's cool.

Offroad Mania — Crawler Buggy Car


Offroad Mania — Crawler Buggy Car (static image)

Hint: Ezgif.com

9. Maybe I'll use service Keymailer and Woovit.

About service: "Hassle-free Key Distribution for Video Games". I give the keys, they do reviews.

10. Create own youtube channel and add gameplay video.

My Youtube: Youtube.com

11. Create facebook account and add information about your game.

My Facebook: Facebook.com

12. Create twitter account and add information about your game. Follow to other game developers, youtubers etc.

My Twitter: Twitter.com

13. Create own discord channel for your community. It's really important for build fan's community.

My discord: Discord.gg

14. Create account on other sites and add information about your game.

My Instagram: instagram.com/activegamesbox/

My Pinterest: pinterest.com/activegamesbox

15. Create account and add game to IndieDB.

1) Add video, screenshots, game description, link to Steam.

2) Write articles(!). Because the articles are automatically placed on the main page and get a lot of views.

At first, I wrote a long article, but then I thought it would be best 2 times to get to the main page and made 2 part (Pre-release/After release). Plus, people do not really like long texts (especially without pictures).

16. Use reddit(!)

Big audience. Most popular site (#11 in USA). Enough.

I want to add this article to reddit.

Hint: r/gamedev, r/devblogs, r/IndieGaming, r/gamedevscreens, r/playmygame, r/GamePhysics

17. Use forum of your game engine/technology (if you made game on it).

I use Armory3d and add game theme to forum Offroad Mania on Armory3d forum

Information: "Armory is an open-source engine for creating 3D-enabled software."

Also I used html5gamedevs.com because first made demo-version on HTML5.

Topic Offroad Mania on html5gamedevs.com

18. Use forums for game developers (indie).

I added topic on TIGSource "Offroad Mania [PC Windows] - free keys for feedback"

Hint: add comments to push up the topic.

19. Use image boards.

Read article "How to go viral on Imgur and how to convert traffic into wishlist on Steam!".

20. Use Kongregate.

Kongregate have own store Kartridge. But there big audience and you can find gamers by tags ("racing" etc.) and send them Steam link. Be carefully, because it's like SPAM...

I like kongregate, newgrounds, armorgames and many old sites, because many years we make flash games.

But flash has been buried by monopoles with their mobile stores. Just a fact. R.I.P.

21. Use Linked.in

I wrote an article about my game with gif image and link to Steam page.

22. Keep track of statistics to know what methods are best.

Important: Wishlist statistics updated once a day (today you can see yesterday data).

23. Read other articles(!).

Strongly recommended.

My experience marketing my game on Steam tips and

When non-game dev friends add onto your game idea

Articles about Steam on Gamasutra

Steam marketing video on Youtube

Steam before release video on Youtube

24. Ask EVERYONE to add your game to Steam Wishlist(!).

Your family, neighbors, colleagues, friends, youtubers, followers, subscribers, your cat and dog :)

25. Use intuition and be sure to keep a positive attitude(!)

Strongly recommended.

To be continued

Thank you for reading and likes. Add Offroad Mania to your Wishlist!

activegamesbox.com Author


Welcome to Discord: Discord.gg and add to your Wishlist Store.steampowered.com

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