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A few changes just before launch. The game was too hard, now its easier. Trust me, it needed to be done. Read for more details.

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Hey all,
Well its a few days before the Alpha Desura launch and I felt it was time to modify the game based on suggestions. I replayed the game after I upped the difficulty and had no idea how hard I had made it. You see we're used to playing the game with really high stats (just because we replay levels a lot and essentially grind), so to really test it, we need to start from the beginning. Anyway, enough screwing around. Here are the changes to expect in the first patch (which I hope get approved before launch).


Drop Boss blocking rate from 25% to 5% - We made it so that your Rage bar fills constantly and that the bosses have more health just before version 0.1.0, which in theory works, as you can smash more specials out on the bosses, but doesn't work in practice. Early in the game, you haven't had enough battles to take full advantage of your specials and bosses had the ability to block your attacks 25% of the time. Basically, it made the bosses almost unbeatable for new players as you just don't have the health or fire power to keep up. The blocking rate has been dropped to 5% and this seems to make the battlefield more even.

More Coins and Weapon Exp per battle - This also helps level the playing field. Especially when it comes to the Tank in the level Long Street and the boss fight in Double Dragon. Still, these battles require a bit of strategy, but are no where near as difficult as when you have no special attacks or low stats.

Fix incorrect button art in Controls Menu - Yes, the 'Change P2 GamePad' button said Exit instead. So that's fixed now.

More art in the Dialogue Scenes - A new killshot is added to the end of Double Dragon and other art pieces there. Added the lobby art in for the Elevator level dialogue scene too. Oh and in the dialogue at the end of Long Street, Nick actually holds a radio now.

Once this game is open to you guys, we wanna hear all your feedback. We want to balance this game just right between user friendly and 80's beat-em-up hard.


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