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This article contains the new features for version 2. This new update also enables modding for the game.

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Hello everyone!

This is the second article for Powercity 9000. This article contains some information about the new update, and the modding support.
Some people also complain about the mouse movement, but don't worry! I'm probably going to change that in the future. -> Fixed in the hotfix.

You can download the new update for the game here:
NOTE: Old saves aren't compatible on this version.
NOTE2: Powercity 9000 hotfix is ready for download.

Powercity 9000 pre-alpha v2




tiles 1


house 1



All the new features are listed below:

- Improved code
- loading a save changes the levelwidth accordingly
- Hotfix: Inverted camera movement keys.
- Hotfix: Fixed zooming (wasn't working with new mouse movement)

- Changed "Game-bigness" (name was a joke) to "Map_Size", but you can name it whatever you want because of how the system works.
- Changed blue and red house texture
- Changed water texture

- Added Ice
- Added tall grass (needs more work)
- Added wheat
- Added tree
- Added tree without leaves
- Added bush
- Added "Grass_Layer" option in the settings to generate a grass plane
- Added rotation to the sand-dirt hybrid tile
- Added rotatable sand-dirt hybrid corner (needs more work)
- Added rotatable field tile
- Added road end tile (2 colors + rotation)
- Added new color to the rainbow tile
- Added big house (3 colors + rotation)
- Added big damaged house (no rotation/color yet)
- Added rotation on the blue and red house
- Added fast tile placement
- Added fast tile deletion
- Added outline creation to all objects
- Added mod support for objects & tiles (more information below)
- Added "ModdingHelp.txt" file to help people who want to mod the game
- Added population counter & texture so that you can see how much people live in your world.
- Added gold counter & texture
- Hotfix: Added the home key.The home key returns you to the playfield.
- Hotfix: Added smooth mouse movement
- Hotfix: Added rotatable railway tile (not in the game yet - forgot to add it in the "release" version)
- Hotfix: Added visible mouse
- Hotfix: Re-added smooth camera movement

- Updated the "ReadMe.txt" file with more info
- Updated the "Settings.txt" file with more info
- Rewrote the code for tile/object loading. Tiles aren't hardcoded anymore so it enables modding.
- Hotfix: Updated "Controls.txt"

- Removed fences (incomplete & coming back later)
- Removed "city water" (maybe re-adding it later when connecting tiles are finished)

You can now add new tiles/objects in the game. It's very easy and doesn't require programming knowledge.
You can find the tutorial/information for modding in the "ModdingHelp.txt" file in the "Content" folder.

Do you want to contact us? Well, you can!

You can contact us on Indiedb, twitter (@JelleVandesijpe, @) or email (jatgamess@gmail.com) for questions, business

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