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This article will contain some information for the powercity pre-alpha demo.

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Hello everyone!

This is the first article for Powercity 9000 on Indiedb. This article contains some information about the game, the controls and the demo.

Powercity 9000 is a city building game. It's in pre-alpha right now so except some bugs, missing features.

The game has only one gamemode right now, and that's creative. In creative, you can place all the tiles, object, ... in the game on a playground.
We will try to add a campaign and multiplayer in the future.

Click here for the demo.

Powercity 9000 pre-alpha demo

screen power

road house


You can find the controls for the game in the "Controls.txt" file in the "Content" folder.

The controls are also listed here:
- Change tile (ground): T + scroll
- Change object (house, wheat): H + scroll
- Place tile: left mouse click
- Place object: H + left mouse click
- Place fence: F + left mouse click
- Zoom: scroll
- change camera view: WASD, (didn't check, but can be ZSQD on a QWERTY keyboard)
- Delete tile && object && fence: right mouse click
- Delete everything: "Delete" button
- Toggle object view:F2
- Toggle fence view: F1
- Save: N
- Load: L

The controls in the game can't be changed at this moment. This is a planned feature in the future.

You can change your settings in the "Settings.txt" file, in the same folder as the controls. The settings file (currently) consists of three things:

- Fullscreen: ... (false/ true -> toggles fullscreen)
- Resolution: ... x ... (Insert your resolution here.)
- Game-bigness: ... (Insert a number here for the size of your playground. The bigger the size, the longer the generation time.)

Be sure to check out the "ReadMe.txt", also in the same folder as the other .txt files.

Do you want to contact us? Well, you can!

You can contact us on Indiedb, twitter (@JelleVandesijpe, @) or email (jatgamess@gmail.com) for questions, business.

woodsmoke - - 29 comments

Looks nice and gute. Go go go!!

map_size would sound better than game-bigness but it isn't as funny

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jxlle Author
jxlle - - 32 comments

Thanks for checking out the game!
And yeah, "game-bigness" is kind of a joke. :P

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Berserker66666 - - 137 comments


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jxlle Author
jxlle - - 32 comments


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