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Post news RSS Power of Ten - UPDATE: Game design + music + weapons + enemies

Large update to space roguelike Power of Ten. Adds new game play dynamic, enemies, weapons and polish. Would love it if you take it for a spin!

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What was updated:

* [Game Design] Moving system pressure to the whole region. Read the thoughts behind this.

* [Polish] Ships you kill will sometimes drift for a bit before exploding

* [Content] Two new weapons to find. See them in action.

* [Content] New "small" transport carriers. These smaller versions will attack systems in pairs often targeting completely separate planets.

* [UI] You can now use the mouse to select which warp gate you want to go to. More interactions like this to come.

* [UI] Map UI has been improved

* [UI] Interactive objects in the game have had their text moved more closely to them so it's easier to read what they do.

* [Soundtrack] New soundtrack by Chris Inston (Chrisinstonmusic.com)

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