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The last 24 hours have been pretty crazey, heres a quick look back at them.

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The game launched at roughly 4:30am my time, which I stayed up for so I could handle any problems that occured. We put a couple of servers for players could play on straight off the bat, since no one had a chance to put up any public servers themselves.

The first few hours were very hectic! We had a slow incline in players, and I spotted some major bugs happening on the public servers with the help of you guys and patched them pretty much immediately. We also had a problem with the Desura download not working inside the application. Luckily, there is a standalone available on the store page. So many worked that out pretty quickly and informed me of it(thank you to those people, especially Whisper who bought it to my attention).

I then managed to get some sleep. When I awoke and checked the stats on Desura and on the server list the amount of players was increasing incredibly fast to my excitement! And did so through the rest of the day. We found some more major bugs on the servers and I patched them pretty quickly. Thanks to everyones help and patience the public official servers are now running very stabley and have been for quite a few hours. I managed to get the patch out at the end of the night that official servers had been testing for the previous few hours for everyone to use. I then set my attention to some of the major client bugs, such as abrubt rotation when switching islands and the occasional invisible players. Among others, these were fixed and pushed out. Thanks to all the people who helped me narrow them down.


We're not quite out of the woods yet. To the best of my knowledge I've fixed the majority of the bugs that were causing stability issues. The server and client seem to be doing fine and I've enjoyed playing with a bunch of you on Official Server 2. I'm now working on the tail end of the bugs and a couple of the suggestions on some of the features. Hopefully by next week I should be working on the first content update.

If you're currently having any problems, the best thing to do is post on the forums. Or email me at ben@skynations.net since it is quite hard to fix things in the comments of the Desura page. It's been moving pretty fast!

Since pushing the client through Desura and also trying to fix the in-application download is taking some time. If you find your client or server is telling you it is out of date, you can grab the latest files here:

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