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Spring season, alot of bug fixes and features! Double credits during spring event and Cerebi forest avaliable!

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Changes v3.6

⊖Street Fame will raise your personal Bonus based off the amount of active players you have defeated
⊖Some specific Pokemon can learn a preset ability perk at level 80+ if the trainer league ranking is Elite +
⊖Added some more admin commands for easier trial management
⊖Fixed a bug where every trainer interaction was triggering Battle Mode
⊖Another review on Thunder Bolt
⊖Adjusted some Pokémon default Size
⊖Fixed a bug with Talking Pokemon
⊖Gave "Adjust Power" trait to another group of electric pokémon
⊖Fixed a bug where Self sacrifice moves was self dodgeable
⊖Added new move Sketch
⊖Added new move Triple Kick
⊖Added new move Shadow Claw
⊖Fixed a bug with the standalone client.
⊖Added new pokémon Stantler
⊖Added new pokémon Hitmontop
⊖Added new pokémon Sableye
⊖Added new pokémon Smeargle
⊖Added new pokémon Tyrogue
⊖New Standalone client
⊖A huge list of bugfixes wich have been lost track of (sorry, I will update this as they are remembered).

Changes between 3-5 - v3.6

⊖Did some extra adjustment workarounds to deal with byond cache problems;
⊖URLs too large could break your portraits.
⊖The reviews on chat made in previous adjustments rolled back some safety checks.
⊖Adjusted Reality Shards prices;
⊖Another roll of fixes related to icons stopping to display on chat.
⊖Fixed some issues with TRPP.
⊖Added a layout display for generic text alert;
⊖Admin Announce will now be shown at the main chat.
⊖Stats button in Menu display will now be shown at the main chat.
⊖RP Stats button in Menu display will now be shown at the main chat.
⊖Show speed is now shown in the main chat.
⊖Made a bugfix attempt on a problem that didnt let human learn perks properly.
⊖Default Max CP reduced to 25% (this prevents huge power walls early game).
⊖Text in Roleplay are now spacing correctly when you make new paragrpahs.
⊖Trial RPs are now posted properly on the main chat;
⊖Fixed a bug with Cheerleader;
⊖Fixed a bug when teaching elements of a complex knowledge, was creating multiple instances of the same;
⊖Fixed a problem with Charmeleon learnset;
⊖Added the basics of Street Fame, now fighting till the end for the first time against another player will give both street fame, half to the loser, one to the winner. If they rematch and the result is different, the value swaps. This will later be used to obtain CP bonus similar to league fame.
⊖Another fix at Thunderbolt;
⊖Added Potion to the default items in Factory;
⊖Added the base needed to create the Cerulean Gym.
⊖Added new move Gunk Shot;
⊖Added new move Octazooka;
⊖Added new Pokémon Pineco;
⊖Added new Pokémon Forretress;
⊖Added new Pokémon Remoraid;
⊖Added new Pokémon Octillery;
⊖Added new Pokémon Mantine;
⊖Added new Pokémon Phanpy;
⊖Added new Pokémon Donphan;
⊖Added new Pokémon Trapinch;
⊖Added new Pokémon Vibrava;
⊖Added new Pokémon Flygon;

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