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Read more about PWO's Christmas update! Santa Claus Island, New Pokémon and more!

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Hello Wisteria! are you feeling this strange cold? Cuz, as you probably noticed in the sneak peak, this season we will have a snowy Wisteria! Expect some ice habitat expansions nearby! Before we go on I'd like to list down some small changes and content update for this version:

⊖Who command will now show the cities with players and the amount of players on them.
⊖Fixed a bunch of problems with missing pokémon on Kanto's spawn pool due to Johto's addition.
⊖Fixed a bug where invisible spawns couldn't be created at runtime.
⊖Fixed Alolan Geodude moves learning pool
⊖Reworked on Present move (buff), as seen on the above gif, present now can be used out of battle, and will send two hits with higher base damage instead of a barrage, however these two hits now have chance of flinching.
⊖Added Leafage.
⊖Ferry alerts are now shown in the main map.
⊖Fixed a bug that sometimes got dead pokémon stuck in our parties.
⊖Alot of other smaller bugfixes that I forgot.

⊖The Christmas Pikachu!

Is our first special "Shiny" type of pokémon, this is a sub-variation of shiny that will only be obtainable on seasonal wipes (like this one) and, usually have special unique traits, in this case Christmas Pikachu have better stats (Partner Pikachu's) and can learn two new moves: Present and Aurora Thunder (custom). Aurora Thunder is a light-blue area thunder wave of ICE type that have chance to freeze (10%), base damage: 50, makes it a considerably stronger version of thundershock!

Christmas Pikachu however can't evolve! But I am sure with Partner's Pikachu stats you would never evolve this cutie!

You might be wondering how to obtain this little guy right? Well, they will be obtainable as Christmas reward event pokémon and will also be by a short amount of time in the capsule shop!

⊖Santa Claus!

We have been to Santa Island before, but last year the man was kidnapped and the Delibirds were desperate, but this time he is back! get ready to visit his home and meet him chilling at his throne room this year,
As he will introduce the new Christmas event:


Santa will help the players send gifts to their friends with his army of Delibirds. A cool animation will run and the delibird will give your friend the present and a christmas message! Santa Claus will keep track on his book everyone who been helping him in this christmas and the best helpers will receive rewards!

#1: Christmas Pikachu, Shiny Egg, Dawn Stone
#2: Shiny Egg, Dawn Stone
#3: Dawn Stone
(the winners will be remembered on next christmas by santa claus so, keep that in mind!)

-Can only exchange presents with the same person once per day!
-You can't give present to yourself or to alts.
-The event will run untill january 1st (wich is my birthday hooray)

How to get here:
-The Ferry will take an extra stop to Santa Island in the days near christmas!
-The Ocean Route to the Santa Island will be always open incase you know the way, you can Surf/Fly there!

⊖New Pokémon and Evolutions!
Some pokémon are waiting for their 4th gen evolution for a while, well, now two of them aren't! Magnezone and Honchcrow are finally arriving in Wisteria's database, but not just them! a pack of starters!
Ps: the new starters will be added as seasonal pokemon for 50c


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