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"MegaHarm Games" studio works with new project - horror adventure.

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Started in 2008, this game was abandoned for a long time. Now, after SpN Soldier, I think it's time to make an absoluteley new masterpiece (it's a joke). Like with previous game, it will be freeware. Release date - when it's done. Approx. - spring 2014.

It's a far away future. There are a lot of scientific research colonies, asteroid mining facilities and military sites in a far ends of Solar system. People have already visited near-by stars and found some life forms there. It was impossible to support these structures all the time, so equipment is getting old, accidents permanently happen. One day russian research base on Pluto collapsed. Because of several hard explosions in testlabs alien bugs got out of cages and started eating staff. You are the master network administrator of this base and you are in a middle of shit. Help your mates to save their lives and stop the monstrous bugs.

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