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Important information about ASOD before you jump in and get confused.

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Arrow keys steer and move.
Z toggles FTL speed.
D docks
J jumps (activates starbridge)
Space fires current module
M switches active module
S stops the ship


1. Firing on one NPC activates their buddie's pursuit
mode, and it denies you docking at their stations for
the game session. Be careful.
2. To dock or jump make sure your ship is inside the
black rectangle on the object, a message will notify
you that you can activate the gate or dock.
3. Saving and loading is basically implemented with
minor issues. Here are the save locations by os:

linux - your home directory

windows vista - public documents

windows xp - c drive (c:/.amongSeasOfDust)

Pre XP support and Mac support isnt here yet, and pre
xp support isnt planned (who still uses something older
than xp lol)

Faction standings are now a part of asod as of oct 23
08. Now your ratting earns you points for or against
certain factions based on who you kill.

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