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To tide over until the release of the next version, v0.2.5 Beta, a short playable demo has been released.

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The demo is available to download here on ModDB.

Being a demo, there are still minor bugs to be expected.

This is a demo version (meaning it does not have every single level from v0.2 Beta RC1). There are seven playable levels. All music is also included in this download.

A new fifth character, Arthur, is playable in this demo.

I do not know how much longer the full v0.2.5 will take to be completely ready, so this fast-loading, low-memory requirement demo version is certainly better than waiting indefinitely for the full release of v0.2.5, whenever it will be ready.


Dude, I don't know what the last demo was like because Game Maker really hates my system it seems, but this demo feels like a mess. It really, really feels like you're overextending yourselves to make a game that is way, way over your heads. Considering how weirdly awesome early videos of this looked, now it just feels like you're trying to do way too much and the game is suffering for it. I get the sensation that this game is going for quantity over quality.

Ignoring how choppy Mario moves (I blame GM - I doubt thats your fault), the inconsistency between levels throws me off a lot. I get that when you have Mario visiting Doom's Space Station, Halo's Ringworld and Megaman's stuff you'll have visual inconsistency, but even between the Mario-themed levels everything wildly changes. Suddenly Goombas look completely different, coins look (and sound) completely different, you have sprites from different games and different artists together that seem to be clashing wildly... just a general "throw something at the wall and see if it sticks and even if it doesn't stick very well we're going to keep it anyway" mentality.

I get that the Mario game I made probably isn't much better, but that was also four or five years ago and I've learned a considerable amount since then. Just know that I'm not trying to be insulting, I'm not trying to be rude, I was just really interested in this game and that interest is rapidly dwindling.

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being able to configer the controls would be nice.
The current ones are hard to use.

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FusionTeam Author

Press F10 at the title screen to configure your controls.

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