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Sword art online this will be how things will be done and regulated

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Here is how Stuff will work in Sword Art Online!
An extract from the SAO universe, the game itself used these functions:
*Guilds in SAO could only be formed after a certain quest is completed on the 3rd Floor.*Guilds have unique features that allow players to interact differently from regular player to player interactions and guilds also offer several benefits to its members:Guild members have access to a common guild storage, which can be used to easily share items, such as potions, among themselves.The guild member list can be used for tracking the position of a fellow guild member, if the said member is not within a dungeon. The only known drawback of being a member of a guild is that guild members are taxed whenever they earn money and the taxed money is sent to the guild's vault. When guild members are in the same party, the playGuild members are able to send short messages to one another. Does not work within a dungeon.
Shops and npcs/housing!
Sewing standard clothing creation and custom clothing creation. eating and socialisation all general items that are found commonly should be able to be sold and bought from here. NPCs should only be able to sell the most standard items and weapons to get players started off in the game, this would encourage players to create their own shops within the game to enable players to get even stronger weapons and custom weapons… at a price.

As we know each level in Aincrad has a boss protecting the way to the next level. Every boss is unique and can be defeated by either coordination with a LARGE group of players/guild or being of high enough level and skill to be able to take on such a monster.Each Boss has a set of attacks at their disposal and when a certain point in their health is reached, normally on the last line or at half way point, their weapon usage changes and their attacks become a lot different and as a result they become harder to defeat

In general, skills must be equipped in a limited amount of skill slots. Kirito, at the end of SAO, had 12 skill slots. Skills may be trained up to level 1000, at which it is considered «Mastered». There is rumoured to be an unlimited number of skills in Sword Art Online.
if you want a list of all known skill that are in sao Check over at Swordartonline.wikia.com
We all can agree that the reason SAO was so striking as a game, was because the prospect for death actually meant something beyond respawning in the nearest town and having lost nothing at all, this promotes lazy gaming. In (SAO) death for a character, will mean death for that character permanently, and so once you die you lose everything.
The player that died will not retain their items and as in the anime, their items will be lost and anybody around will not be able to take the items unless of course they are married.

Logging out!
When a player logs out they should be in a safe location such as an Inn (having rented a room for the night or day) or in their homes. If a player logs out in the wilderness or a dungeon, then they will most likely be killed and they will have to start again.

Names (Player and Guilds)
Names wern't ridiculed with numbers or symbols that made the game and Anime look messy. Its better for calling out players and having a more unique experience. Player and guilds should have a name that has full grammar to make the game a lot neater and of course a lot more unique. If you are aiming to recreate SAO then doing this would be better for the experience. Id hate to be calling a party member of mine Cheeseburger97 all the time, its be really annoying haha ^-^

At night as in most games, it gets a lot harder to survive because you cant see as good, monsters that come out at night are like 10 levels higher than the normal ones and they hunt in packs, its normally a death ground, it was the same in SAO. Higher levelled players could venture out at night, but lower levelled players were doomed.

By parties I mean by a small group of players playing together, not the alcohol, cool music and balloons type of party XD. 5 players as a casual group of players, any more than that would be harder to manage, especially in SAO because party member names are held beneath our own HP gauges
Parties all share Col earned when defeating a monster or completing a quest.


Col is the form of currency in the world of Sword Art Online. When players sell items to NPCs, the Col is listed under the market price, so as to not produce inflation. The valued currency of Sword Art Online is gathered swiftly from boss battles, as they yield a large amount of valuable loot, but the loot is usually shared among all participants of the boss battle. Other methods of acquiring col include killing monsters in dungeons or open fields, selling fruit that drop from trees (not a very efficient method, but it is favored by those who refuse to battle monsters), trading, and for orange guilds and players, ambushing other players and stealing their items and money in exchange for their lives.
Col can take the form of physical coins. It is currently unknown how many types of coins exist in the game.

Here is a list of all known Col
1 Col - The cheapest dry and unrefined black bread purchased from an NPC bakery
5 Col - Dropped fruit from trees
10 Col - The price for an NPC to lead a player to the plaza of the Algade if they are lost.
100 Col- Rent a room in a First Floor Inn for one night (~100 square ft or 6 tatami mats). Comes with one bed and a table.
120 Col - Rent the second floor of an NPC farmer's house in Tolbana Town for one night. Comes with two rooms, a large bed room with a good view, a bathroom, and free milk.
100,000 Col-
1,000,000 Col (1 Mega Col)- the Cost of a rare wine
3,000,000 Col (3 Mega Col) - The cost of a support-class small house with a waterwheel in Lindas.
4,000,000 Col (4 Mega Col) -The cost of a support-class small house with a waterwheel in Lindas.

This all by Blacksword01 so thank him for all the infomation.

Marou - - 10 comments

I agreed with it!
Very nice @Shaga1 !!
i have no side comments.
hmmm suggestion, i think it again. :D

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pie30 - - 2 comments

Hey, not that I like to pry, but, you know, if you ever need a beta tester, you know, if your going to have a beta test, I'll be up for it,not that I'm trying sound like I am begging, just something to take into consideration.

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Guest - - 695,065 comments

Trying to become a beater, now are you?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
KyouKohora - - 11 comments

nce good luck....love it..

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SAOlover - - 25 comments

good luck

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
SAOlover - - 25 comments

waiting .....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
KyouKohora - - 11 comments

Can u make a trailer

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Jamaari - - 13 comments

When will beta testing start?or did it already end?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
wuzup - - 8 comments

srsly dude less than 4 years later

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
kirito_krigaje - - 60 comments

when will be e beta:) i acn wait if for the beta version:)

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Guest - - 695,065 comments

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braydonbuddy - - 11 comments

This is a very unique concept for an MMO and I cant wait to give it a go. :)

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Guest - - 695,065 comments

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Guest - - 695,065 comments

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Ketenda - - 1 comments

Will there be combat "skilltree" for unarmed players, as in hand to hand.

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Guest - - 695,065 comments

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syata89 - - 2 comments

about the combat system:

Will it be like any other MMORPG style action ?
is is combo-oriented or the traditional one ?

about the camera system:

can you adjusted it manually or will it be automatically or preset ?

I cant wait for this to be release .. i'll be sure to be a beta tester !

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shruikarn - - 2 comments

i know the game is still in developement but i would love to beta this for you guys. not sounding desperate but the concept of this game is really intruiging :) just offering for when you finally go into beta

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ViolentViolet - - 10 comments

Will there be weather in the game? There was in the animé

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