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The second planet in Sky Tourist finally has some footage! Take a look inside for more information.

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Just as we promised in our last post, we have created more video footage form the game to show off the other areas to explore. Behold, planet Platory!

Platory is an industrial planet, with its own set of rules. The locals are a bit more aggressive in this area and many of them carry machine guns or other forms of heavy weaponry. It is not without a reason they like to keep outsiders at bay. Their casino and moon-shining industries have created many profits and they believe it must be shielded from the rest of the galaxy to protect their riches from being plundered. Fortunately, you're only here to see the wonderful mechanical sites of this rigid rock.

Things are a bit more tricky to get to the top of the sights on Platory compared to Plumia. There are many armed guards and watchmen that will close doors in your face if you are are not quick enough to traverse the terrain!

More footage from the game, including the 3rd planet in Sky Tourist will be coming soon... Watch this space!

-Three Legged Egg

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