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A brief description of gameplay elements and content of the first aztec level(level 11) in Labyrinthica: The quest of lima.

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I am trying to post news on some gameplay content. Please tell me if it is the kind of news you want to get or not. Also, the title might be a bit misleading, and if you prefer more informative titles, don't be shy to say so.In the new uploaded video of the first aztec level(level 11) gameplay. You can see a few gameplay elements and content. First, there is the plague potion. When thrown on an enemy, the enemy would glow in dark purple color and its defence and damage he cause will be reduced to 1. Moreover, enemies that are present near the diseased enemy for more than 1.5 seconds, get infected as well. The catch is, the more the same enemy catch a disease, the more immune he becomes to it. Until he is completely immune to the disease. In level 11 it makes no sense to drink a plague potion, which would make you ill. However, in later levels, it might make sense to drink a plague potion, can you guess why?

Another potion shown in this video, is the freeze potion. I guess this is pretty standard freeze ability. If you drink the potion, it will create an explosion that freezes enemies caught in it. Frozen enemies cannot move or attack, but their armour is increased by a certain amount. You can also observe a few times in this video that lima holds the shielded above the head to bounce projectiles from those deadly plants. When you bounce a projectile, it becomes harmful to enemies. So in one case a small booyj is poisoned by the cloud of a projectile bounced by lima. By the way, there is no limit on how many times you can bounce the same projectile with your shield. That is where the volleyball in the title comes from.

That was a brief description of some of the content as seen in this video, I hope you liked it.


So you're some spanish colonialist spreeding disease, destroying trees killing unarmed aztecs & stealing their gold? Lol; political correctness.

Gameplay looks quite good and effective. I expect more variety to the melee attacks since your game centers on melee. I like the music. Kinda reminiscent of Chrono Trigger's.

Great showcase.

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PompiPompi Author

Hehe, thanks.

Adding an additional melee attack should be heavily considered, since it can easily ruin balance or make the first melee attack useless.
There is a different type of melee attack though. The berserk potion. You can see on this video I drank one of the berserk potion, but I did it when there were no enemies around.
Moreover, part of the melee combat is also defending, and the shield has a special role in combat.

I am currently working on the first armed enemy(no more innocent unarmed "aztecs" ;) ), which will be different than the touch enemies that I have showen so far.
So there is more gameplay to explore with the current attacks and defense abilities.

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