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New gameplay video showing a fight against of the game's bosses. Also, check the changes in the new versions and read information about a game sprite.

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First of all, here is the new gameplay video featuring the Lava Slimey, of the game's bosses:

For more informations on this boss, read below:
The Lava Slimey is one of the secret bosses in the game, and so is totally optional. He can be somewhat hard to defeat as he will usually be faced when the player is still low-leveled. Still, fighting him is recommended as he grants a nice amount of experience which can be of help in the game.

New versions of the game have also been released. The game is now on version 1.5, and this will be it's starting version considering Desura accepts it.
The changes of the new version are:
- Bugs fixed
- Optimization of some particles
- New option on main menu, showing a bonus map
- Game now features background music
- Optimization of sound effects

The bonus option in the main menu takes the player to the first map designed for the game, which isn't in the main quest, and allows him to explore it freely, as a level 12 knight, allowing the use of all skills and upgrades.

Also, here is another of the game's sprites in detail. This is the first enemy I created for the game:

You can see him in some parts of both quests in the game. He appears more frequently in Tower of Trials (already released), as I had fewer enemies designed back when I made that quest.

Also, some extra information about the game, which hasn't been mentioned before. Running allows the player to jump not only farther, but also higher.

Thanks for reading this! Let's hope the game is accepted and released.


It seems like the that boss battle kinda sucks..
No offence but I think that the room in which you fight in should be WAY WAY BIGGER! Like there should be a feeling that it's a BOSS fight not some random slime you incounter..
Oh and the H.U.D looks pretty dull I think you should make it look way better since it's a huge part of the game (couse you look at it like the whole game..)
If you like to hear more ways I think you should make the game look better (fix) contact me :)

I think you made a good job on the sprites though :)
P.S This is just a friendly comment , sorry if it offended you.

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jpmb Author

Don't worry, these kind of comments always help. About the size of the room, the other bosses have huge arenas where you fight them, but since this one was on the top of a small tower, it had to be a smaller room. About the HUD, I'll see if I can make it better, but since I'm not really a good artist, I don't think I could make something good. But I'll see what I can do.
Thanks for the comment! And for the compliment also.

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Maybe making this HUGE would also work..
Now maybe you should make as many choices of HUD's and just post them here as news and people choose?

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