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The following outlines Phase 2 and it's planned tack.

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With April coming to a close I will be resuming my work on Improved Realism, now shifting my focus to the naval vessels and their new models. In an effort to be clear, this phase of the mod will be very time consuming. Every model requires alterations in order to rig for movement. This doesn't merely include the primary and secondary armaments, which can be extensive themselves, but also 40mm Bofors, 20mm Oerlikon, and .50 Cal gun emplacements as well. Due to this immense volume this phase will be broken up into sections.

These sections will serve to break up the work and keep new content coming out at a decent pace. As such the simplest ships will be undertaken first. This means that cargo vessels & destroyers will roll out in release 1, US light cruisers in release 2, IJN light cruisers in release 3, heavy cruisers in release 4, and battleships and carriers in release 5.

That said, this is the initial plan. Depending on how work proceeds, this plan may be amended. If any amendments happen, they will be posted here as well as on the main mod thread over on Steam.

Also note that no balance changes are expected to take place during these releases.

With that out of the way, bellow is a complete list of models to be added. The list represents 96 distinct models. You may notice that several classes that are currently in-game are not listed here. This is due to difficulty in sourcing models for these units. As with aircraft, classes which I can not find models for will retain their vanilla models until the time at which models can be sourced or produced for them. You may also notice that Japan has some non-production classes included. This is being done to better round out their fighting ability late game when the US will be deploying advanced hulls while the IJN would have been crumbling or already long defeated.

At the completion of this phase, new shell models will also be released, possibly accompanied by new weapon sounds.


Alaska Class
Atlanta Class
Balao Class
Baltimore Class
Bogue class
Brooklyn class
Clemson Class
Cleveland Class
Colorado Class
USS Wasp
Des Moines Class
Elco MTB
Erie Class
Essex class
Fletcher Class
Gato Class
Gearing Class
Iowa Class
LCVP type
Lexington Class
Liberty class
LST type
Midway Class
Montana Class
New Mexico Class
New Orleans Class
New York Class
North Carolina Class
Pensacola Class
Porter class
Salmon Class
Sims Class
Somers Class
South Dakota
Tennessee Class
Wichita Class
Worcester Class
Yorktown Class

Agano-class (1944 configuration)
Akizuki Class
Aoba Class
Ryujo type
Akagi type
Hiryu type
Soryu type
Zuikaku type
Fubuki class
Furutaka early Class
Furutaka late Class
Fuso Class
Hosho Class
Ibuki class
Kaga Class
Kagero Class
Kongo Class
Kuma Class
LCVP type
Mogami Class (Early)
Mogami Class (Late)
Mutsuki class (1941 configuration)
Myoko Class
Nagato Class
Nagara class
Ryujo class
Shinano class
Shiratsuyu class
Shokaku type
Takao Class
Tenryu Class
Type T-1
Yamato Class (Early)
Yamato Class (Late)
Yoshino class
Zao class
Sendai, 1942

Admiral Class
Illustrious Class
Fairmile A
Fairmile B
Fairmile C
Fairmile D
Fiji Class
Flower class
Furious Class
Implacable Class
Indomitable Class
King George V Class
Leander Class
MTB Vosper 1 series
MTB Vosper 2 series
N class
Tribal class




Looking forward to this. On the American list you have Lexington Class twice, is on the battle cruiser and other the cv? And I didn’t see the Essex class or Independence class cv’s. Keep up the great work.

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SpecTRe_X Author

Sorry, there were some typos. There will be a new Essex model and only the carrier hull in the Lexington class.

The Independence class is one of the models I haven't been able to source yet. The closest model I'd found to it is the Saipan class but I haven't taken the time to determine what would need to be done in order to convert it down or if it's close enough to use as-is.

The same is the case for the Bogue and Ruler classes.

And the only existing model of the Ise/Hyuga BB (in her late war carrier configuration) costs ~$500 to buy, which is just beyond reason for this.

These "trouble ships" will be handled after the readily available models are integrated. Many of them will likely need to be made from scratch.

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How do you install these?

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SpecTRe_X Author

Extract the contained folder to (directory):\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Evil Twin Artworks\Victory At Sea Pacific\Mods

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IS this the same to install with steam? Also, really looking forward to the phase 2 work. I have noticed that the vanilla Colorado Class BB in my opinion does not fit her historical reference. Of course when I googled her, she shown three different superstructure variations.

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SpecTRe_X Author

It should be the same across all platforms, yes.

It seems that many of the BB and CB ships underwent large modifications over their lives. It's difficult to implement this in-game which is why only the ships with the most drastic refits have multiple variants planned. Everything else will be fit in their configuration around 1938 or when it was built.

I don't recall which fit Colorado sports off the top of my head.

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