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Veridian has it's own Patreon page! Please if you can support Veridian so we can make it the best game we can possibly make it.

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Veridian 2D


Hello Everyone! Today I launched Veridian's very own patreon page! This (with the help of any and all supporters) could open alot of doors for this project. One being if we reach enough support I could work on Veridian full time instead of just when I have time. This could also mean if we reach enough support we can hire more team members, afford better servers and much more the limit is really p to how much support we get. Please don't feel like you have to participate if you can't/ don't want to you will still be able to play the game once we release. This is just for people who can/want to support the project so it can be the best game it can be. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know!

Patreon Link

Thank you everyone!

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