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Post news RSS Patch Notes: Alpha v0.0.3

5 new ships, new sound effects, The introduction of engine outfits, Plugin compatibility, and bug fixes!

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Endless Horizon Alpha Version 0.0.3 has been released! Here are the list of changes compared to the previous version:

New Features:

  • Destiny-Class Deep-Space Science Vessel
  • Saladin-Class Destroyer
  • Intrepid-Class Long-Range Science Vessel
  • Dervish-Class Patrol Escort
  • Defiant-Class Tactical Escort
  • New Takeoff Sound Effect
  • New Docking Sound Effect
  • 40 New Engine Modules

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes:

  • Reduced the energy usage of the phaser beam array and phaser cannon
  • Reduced the ionizing power of the phaser beam array and phaser cannon
  • Increased the energy usage of photon torpedoes slightly
  • Changed the Saber-Class' weapon outfit to 2 phaser cannons
  • Adjusted the weapon locations on the Constitution-Class
  • Reduced the size of the Nova-Class slightly
  • Re-did the credits
  • Slightly modified the starting balance
  • Reformatted entire mod to a plugin, drastically decreasing the file size.
  • Improved the Photon Torpedo outfit sprite
  • Adjusted engine locations on the Saber-Class
  • Adjusted the weapon locations on the Nova-Class
  • All Modded ships now carry the new modded engine outfits
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