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Patch 256 is up right now mainly featuring rivers, rare biomes, optimizations, and plenty of bugfixes. Also there is a new trailer for the game and it's on greenlight now!

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Patch 256 is here with the following changes:

  • Misc
  • Unit's rotation now saves
  • Slowdown by items now requires a minimum of 4 items in a stack
  • Better combat pathfinding & combat target line now always sits on target
  • Spellcasters now can no longer move while casting when their (int + dex + wil)*(1 + skill) < (spellgrade^3 + 60)
  • The spellcasting "rings" now follow the caster smoothly when it's moving
  • Improved light line of sight calculations from torchlight
  • Added 2 rare biomes
  • Major optimizations
  • With hardcore mining enabled you can no longer craft wooden pickaxes
  • Added rivers
  • Chunks with flux will now emit particles
  • Combineable items will now be highlit
  • Floor tiles now say they are floors if you inspect them
  • All colors in description are now default white
  • Ability to pause and delete jobs from automation
  • Double pressing the key for a control group now zooms to the first unit in that group
  • Felling a tree now spawns particles
  • Improved shader error logging
  • Removed the textured units option
  • Only one rightclick indicator will be displayed at a time now
  • Attack-moving trees will cause sticks to spawn and removes the tree's leaves
  • Make charcoal using logs and the fire starter item
  • Undesignate trees to be cut down
  • Renamed ingame "exit game" button to "Save & Exit" for clarity
  • Oceans no longer simulate flow on startup, but only when they are disturbed
  • You now need to click a designation with the designation function to select them, like you do with stockpiles
  • Decreased apple's and flint's graphical size in the inventory
  • Fixes
  • Fixed items from cutting down trees sometimes being buggy
  • Fixed a crash that would happen if a unit was collecting something while the game was saved
  • Fixed some areas being broken for pathfinding by tightening some navmesh generation rules
  • Fixed unit vision not updating trees when they would start seeing them
  • Fixed trees popping in and then popping out while unit vision is enabled
  • Having the inventory open and switching units no longer causes the invetory to bug out sometimes
  • Fixed a crash related to pathfinding (save game)
  • Trees no longer get shown when they are over the sliced view
  • Fixed that the building designation is black when using unit vision
  • Fixed drag camera settings always resetting to 1024
  • Fixed auto mining causing the mined tile to stop appearing yellow, and be buggy if clicked again
  • Fixed collecting a stack of items not updating the stack size if not all fits into the inventory
  • Fixed wall's description not stating 'unexplored' even though it is
  • Fixed units' movement lagging while chunks load in
  • Fixed akward combat behaviour (attacking units running away)
  • Adjusted screen texture to remove the 'seams'
  • Trees no longer keep getting drawn when the chunk unloads
  • Dead units now no longer block movement
  • Fixed stockpile hauling
  • Fixed /players crashing game
  • Fixed players sometimes not spawning with avatars in multiplayer

There is a new trailer as well:

And the game is on steam greenlight! Check it out here:
Dungeoncraft Greenlight

For development updates check out the game's website:
Dungeoncraft Website

Next patch I'll be focusing on outsourcing dungeon rooms so you can easily add new ones, expanding the combination system and moving all craftable workbench items to that system. As well as more content in general.

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I really like where this is going, I am glad I supported you

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