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Patch 254 is here featuring a AI overhaul, terrain improvements and extended options, a minimap, performance and graphics improvements, an enchanting overhaul, and more challenging building.

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  • Pathfinding/AI improvements:
    • Fixed bug that stopped units from moving
    • NPCs now spawn with a bigger variaty of weapons (including ranged)
    • NPCs now spend their talent and attribute points and use their talent abilities
    • NPCs now spawn with potions and use them
    • NPCs now sometimes cast spells
    • NPCs will now sometimes spawn with a pick, and start digging to you if they don't seem to be able to reach you otherwise
    • Units attacking a unit within line of sight will now follow them and predict their path

There is an option to turn AI digging off in the server_config by the way.

  • Stopped define area to sometimes remove the button grid
  • Added "delete save"-button
  • Chests now have a small chance to spawn outside of dungeons
  • Added grinder - automatically processes items inside it (Logs -> Planks, Stone -> stone pieces, etc.)
  • Terrain improvements:
    • Ore now spawns in bigger veins but further apart
    • Fixed a bug where ore would not be better the further down you went, even though it should
    • Terrain height overhaul (more flat areas)
    • Biomes should be more varied over different seeds
    • Fixed oceans going too high in elevation/looking weird
    • Lowered dungeon spawn chance by a factor of 10
    • Added a server option wether or not oceans should simulate water (default off)
    • Added a server option that, if enabled, spawns ore much further apart but in much bigger veins
    • Ore can now spawn in granite
  • Added a toggleable biome minimap

    The minimap can be toggled off and shows in the same place the log messages would go.
    It shows you the biomes relative to your current position in the world, with a resolution of 1 pixel per 8.5 tiles. Hovering over the minimap tells you the biome's name.
    Heres a comparison of the old biomes to the new ones:

  • old
    Patch 254 content - comparison

    Patch 254 content - comparison

  • Fixed a water-related client crash
  • Graphics/Performance improvements:
    • Added occlusion culling
    • Made water, wall and sand textures 1024x1024 (wall is scaled up)
    • Moved tile outlines from a shader to the actual texture, improving graphical fidelity at distances through mipmapping

Have a comparison:

Patch 254 content - comparison

Patch 254 content

    • Fixed a memory leak on the client and other memory improvements
    • Some ores that did not use mipmapping do now
    • Fixed the splashscreen aliasing
    • Fixed a problem with the current job's symbol showing over unit instead of job location
    • Mipmapping for queued job symbols
  • Enchantment/Magic improvements:
    • Removed the enchanting table - Items are now enchanted using spells instead
    • Arrows and spears are now affected by enchants
    • Fixed a bug with enchants giving too large of a bonus
    • Added a durability enchant and two enchantments targeted at spelltomes
    • You can now imbue items with potion effects by pouring the potion onto them; if used on weapons will apply potion effect on attacked target
    • Added more spell interactions other than enchants

I really enjoy the idea of having potions and spells interact in interesting ways with stuff you choose to pour it onto, so I'll probably add much more of those as time goes on.

  • Added camera scrolling speed options for key-based, "side pointing"-based, and dragging-based movement
  • Added simple sounds for things like button interactions, button hovering, etc.
  • Added volume option
  • Changed option screen to have keywords of the options it changes instead of gameplay, graphics, etc..
  • Stopped units from going into the spear guarding idle animation while fighting
  • Fixed the selection rectangle behaving incorrectly while having an container open
  • Fixed being able to move items out of the bounds of the inventory when the container is empty
  • Reduced graphical wood and spelltome sizes in inventory
  • The spear/pike now touches the ground in the weapon holding idle animation
  • Automation improvements:
    • Apply filters to what items should be picked up or dropped in automation mode
    • Fixed orders sometimes screwing up automation setups

To apply filters you need to be in the "preparing for automation"-mode and open the stats screen. On the top left there will be a "Jobs" tab, where all current jobs are listed. Clicking on one of the "Collect" or "Drop" jobs allows you to add item filters. This currently uses the item names and other idioms from *here*. This also allows you to type in things like gates to be automatically picked up, which you could not do before.

  • Stopped some more gliding of units when pressing stop
  • Fixed a problem with archers not wanting to shoot sometimes

(Especially with a lot of floors around)

  • Arrow quality, bow quality, unit strength and weapon proficiency now affect the speed of the shot arrow
  • Slowdown caused by items laying on the floor now imposes a slowdown on mining as well
  • Added tile support system - structures need to be supported

Tiles that have nothing below them will fall down and stay where they landed, wooden walls however will just be destroyed. Tiles will also not be supported by tiles that are compromised in their integrity (ramps, or partly mined tiles) and tiles falling onto those will remove the compromised tile and put the falling one there instead. Units do not take damage from having stuff fall on them yet... but thats in the next patch for sure!

  • Added story books

A story is coming, but this is just a placeholder right now. I'll need to flesh this out some more first. Later on you will start with a journal or similar that, depending on your race, will contain an explanation for how you got there, what you are doing there, etc. Also you will be able to find more books in the world, which are all just .txt files from the server you are playing on potentially containing bits of lore. I figured this would be a better way of story telling than cutscenes or stats.

Also check out the game's website: dungeoncraft.draig.de
My twitter @Zinnusl
And the forums Indiedb.com
for bug reports and suggestions.

ps: The 64x build will be delayed, and I will post some more images later, too.
edit: The 64x build is now awaiting authorization, too.

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