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Patch 249 is heading your way today, with lots of new features and fixes!

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Patch 249 is heading your way today, with lots of new features and fixes!

Patch notes:

  • Changed to 3D voxel graphics style for items

Not all of the have been actually made proper 3D models yet, for example the hammer is still flat, but I'll fix that with later patches.

  • Due to the graphics style change, rotation towards the camera has been disabled, except for furniture.
  • Models are now loaded via .obj triangles files; as a result of this the PreData/ folder is no longer necessary and loading times should now be lower across the board
  • Fixed a bug that stopped you from picking up anything that is not stacked
  • Fixed a bug that caused problems when loading a save with armor in it
  • Fixed a crash related to the fading in of chunks
  • New "Yellow grass"-biomes now have a low chance to spawn trees and logs, also they spawn mushrooms
  • Added Couldron, a bunch of ingredients, and flasks
  • Added Furnace
  • Added Spelltome; can be found in dungeon chests

They are rather rare though.

  • New Normal biomes now spawn flowers, and birk
  • New Decaying goblins now leave some of their bodyparts along with the bones

These are mostly used for alchemy. Though I guess you could use them for decoration...

  • Fixed Decaying bones not spawning
  • New Camera rotation now scales with zoom level (like movement does)
  • New In order to get ingots you now need to put ore + coal into the furnace

You can craft a furnace using 4 stone. In order to use it, you literally just put the ressources in there, and it will turn into the resulting product after about 1 second. I'll probably put in some more recipes for this later, since it's really lightly setup, outsourcing these recipes might be an option for later, too.

  • Added Anvil

It basically is just for making the couldron right now, but I'll be used for more later. It currently can only be made with iron, as with the couldron.

  • New Alchemy; you can now put certain materials in the couldron to get potions

Right now you can only make 3 potions, one to increase HP, one for stamina, and one for hunger.
Note that it'll look for the materials it needs to make something, so if you want to find the recipes you can just throw everything there is in there to find the recipe for it.

  • New improved most tile textures, also made them non seamless

Patch 249 images
Patch 249 images

  • Added granite rock

Patch 249 images

Since I use the "tile grid"-option all the time and making these new textures be seamless would actually look terribly smudged, I figured I should just leave it at that.

  • Added chest, weaponsrack, and armorstand crafting button graphics
  • Fixed tree texturing misalignment
  • Change Transposed tool's inventory dimensions
  • Changed some of the material colors

Copper to a more orangy color for example.

  • Fixed a major pathfinding problem that sometimes stopped you moving out of the first couple chunks that was there since version 247 or so
  • Added Rings

These add attribute bonuses right now only. Will expand on this. Also they don't show up on the unit yet.

  • Added 6 spells

Patch 249 images

This is one of the spells. You have to find the others for yourselves! This one does not require any skill in spellcasting (three of them don't), the others do. However casting spells increases skill quite quickly.
Spells are being cast from the unit's menu and have a casttime of 5 seconds, as well as a cooldown of 10 minutes. I'll probably increase this cooldown later though for the better spells, in turn however their effect as well. As a general idea: a fireball for example should require a quite high skill level to cast, have a long cooldown (one ingame day or so) but blow up a bunch of tiles, set things on fire, kill things, etc.
Also I want there to be a lot of spells later on, spanning over lots of skill levels. Spells are cast from spellbooks which can be found in dungeon chests with a low spawning chance.
Spells don't actually tell you what they do, and that is very much intentional. You can target anything with them, but that doesn't mean they will actually do something with that targeted object. Also most spells do different things, for different kinds of target. If the unit does not have enough skill to cast something they will "fizzled" it. Right now that does not do something, but I think I'll make that horribly murder you in some way later.

  • Fixed clicking to much to pick up stuff causing desync
  • Increased arrow inventory size from 1,1 to 1,2

Horizontal, Vertical

  • Digging up grass now spawns it as an item
  • Digging up sand now spawns sand as an item

Putting this in the furnace with a log of wood will make a glass bottle.

  • Fixed duping bug
  • Fixed a problem that caused units to not be rendered on startup sometimes

Haven't removed the "tip" for that yet though.

  • Changed item durability scaling from linear to exponential

My pick was breaking too fast I felt like...

  • Changed the terrain generation code a bit to remove some really messy terrain
  • Changed the cave code to actually have caves actually appear underground...

Patch 249 images

  • New when scrolling trough the y-levels using ctrl-mousewheel, an indicator will now show the current xyz-position you are looking at for 2s

Known problems in this patch:

  1. Possible client crash when player looses all his units (not a priority)
  2. You can join singleplayer games
  3. Units and arrows move oddly when there is lag (mostly when chunks load)
  4. Joining a game with more players than set as the maximum amount will not terminate the connection properly
  5. You don't exactly get notified when all your units die/you loose but the game just closes, which can be confusing
  6. If you die, you need to either rename (/name ) or delete your save/ folder
  7. Long respond times to commands (~300ms?)
  8. Pathfinding can not find paths more than a certain distance, you need to queue the moves up to that location if you want to go long distances
  9. There is a rare problem with the pathfinding bugging out
  10. If units start "wobbling" instead of walking you can fix that by restarting the game
  11. It keeps saying missing materials even though it does what you want it to

And as a reminder: up-to-date development progress can be found on Dungeoncraft.draig.de

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