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The new patch fixes and balances a lot of units. Now the hellbourne are less effective against buildings and siege is cheaper.

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- Timer on demo charge decreased to 16 seconds from 18 seconds
- All siege damage buffed by approximately 10 percent
- Siege workshop and Charm Shrine cost decreased to 8500 from 12000
- Steambuchet and tempest cost reduced to 650 from 750
- Behemoth and Battering ram cost reduced to 800 from 1000
- Behemoth health reduced to 1600 from 2000. Stamina increased to 350 (from 300) and base movement speed increased to 200 (from 193)
- Battering ram health reduced to 1700 from 2050
- Behemoth should now be able to hit certain gadgets that he was unable to hit before (such as the steam turret)
- Malphas' damage against structures reduced from 150% base damage to 75%
- Malphas' quick attack uses 25% less stamina
- Malphas' melee attacks do 100% base damage to siege, down from 150% (not including siege armor)
- Malphas total stamina increased from 250 to 325
- Malphas' tephra wave cool down decreased from 35 seconds to 30 seconds, damage increased from 125-165 to 200-225
- Malphas' combustion ability cool down reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds, ranged increased by 12%, and deals 35 damage per second for 7 seconds, up from 20 damage per second for 10 seconds. Can now target gadgets.
- Malphas' Eruption spell damage increased to 200 from 125, radius increased to 300 from 200 and can now target enemy hellbourne.
- Malphas soul cost increased to 20
- Revenant does 100% base damage to structures, down from 250%
- Revenant's ranged attack has a slightly longer cool down and does less damage to structures
- Revenant's quick attack uses 17% less stamina
- Revenant's Atrophy spell cool down decreased from 35 seconds to 30 seconds, mana cost from 125 to 100, and radius increased from 325 to 350
- Revenant's soul cost increased to 7
- Malphas and Revenant are now unstunnable (including their melee strong attack and block)
- Sacrificial shrine build time increased from a base of 2 minutes to a base of 2 minutes 30 seconds. Cost increased to 9000.
- Arrow towers and strata spires do 50% of their base damage to hellbourne units
- Static charge spires do 20% of their base damage to hellbourne units
- Electric Eyes and Sentry Hawk's life time increased to 5 minutes from 3 minutes
- Very minor increase in Chaplain and shaman melee attack speed.

- Player count is now displayed on the scoreboard
- Several interface cleanups/tweaks to the game info screen, scoreboard screen, and observer screen
- Fixed a bug with persistent items causing armor, damage, and speed boost items to double their passive bonus while their "active" buff was in effect
- Made a change to server send and receive buffers that should alleviate any remaining lag issues
- Crossroads max players increased to 26
- You should no longer be able to get "stuck" inside other entities (such as being revived while an enemy is on top of you)
- Fixed dash accidentally activating if you double tapped the forward movement key while dash was in cool down (activating it when the cool down was up)
- Fixed a bug that broke the healing portion of the tutorial, as well as several other interface quirks.
- Joining a full server in which your account is still taking up a slot from a previous connection will now kick out the old instance of your account (allowing you to join)
- Fixed a bug with how commander experience was being awarded
- Observers now have a very large sight radius to remove fog of war
- Updated the connection time out display to only display when 25 seconds or less are remaining
- The Riposte effect no longer plays on the commander's screen when he damages a player with it in effect
- Block no longer breaks after blocking a single opponent
- Battering Ram, Tempest and Behemoth can no longer block or interrupt
- Fixed eastern bridge on deadlock, predators may now fit across it
- Fixed some areas causing AI pathing code to navigate incorrectly
- Fixed an issue caused by attempting to spawn as Hellbourne in Practice and Warmup
- Fixed some issues with eden and crossroads where players were able to build towers on mountains that players could not get to
- Fixed the bridge on eden, human siege may now cross it
- Fixed some areas where players could get stuck on crossroads (including fixing some invisible "walls" that players could run into if they ran too close to certain mountains)
- Fixed issue with pets not properly randomizing their first attack, which was making them predictable.

- Added QuickAttackEnabled, StrongAttackEnabled and BlockEnabled settings to all melee items
- Added StrongAttackInterruptable and BlockInterruptable to all melee items
- Added CanBeStunned setting to all Combat-based entities
- Added "Trigger on Pet" setting to Proximity triggers
- Added a GetLocalTeam() console command
- Added GetLevel(player index) scripting command


What game are you talking about ?

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poison2003 Author

Savage 2: Tortured Soul....

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hm, this was posted in FacePunch Forums (Half-Life 2 Mod Forum) as news, very Strange

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