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Super Hematoma is running, Bruisers are bruising, test play is happening! What I’m getting at is that we can, like, play it now and stuff. It’s skin and bones at this precise moment, but the concept is at work! *High five*. This is a project that we've been working hard to get off the ground, and we're happy to finally see it taking shape.

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We've been quite busy for the past few weeks, in an attempt to really make some progress on our game. What started with some rough sketches back in February is now starting to take shape. Everything is of course still a work in progress: we have lots of animations, items, and attacks to add, lots of mechanics that need refinement and some R&D to figure out, but we're now at a point where Super Hematoma is running, Bruisers are bruising, test play is happening!

Steve's been working at creating the sounds and sights of the game for a while now. Some of which have been posted here to indiedb, but a lot of which had only been posted on our website, and even more of which is still so rough that we wouldn't dare show it to anyone. The background in this first stage (which you can see in the below video) is still work-in progress, but we're happy with the approach that we've taken to get the oil sands coming to life and look forward to being able to show it in a more complete state at a later date.

He's also been hard at work creating animation for the game, and managed to do his first pass on almost all of the basic walks/jumps/runs/attacks that you see in this video in the span of one intense work week. But don't think that's all we have in store for you! There's plenty of more to come.

Matt's been creating the game from the ground up with C++, and it's taken a good effort to get something to this state while holding down a full-time day job.

At any rate, here's a video we've made for you to help get familiar with what we've been up to:

This is a real passion project for the two of us over at Sprixelsoft, and we hope it shows!

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