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New engine possibilities using algorithms for real atmospheric.

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Hi comunity,

i have a great update of game engine, major changes are in rendering of space environment.

Ouspace game engine is HTML5 based application specially developed for this game. Is in development by me ( one men team ) since 2015.

It enables rendering of vast areas of space and draw environment like stars, planets or asteroids.
The latest update is not as challenging as the previous features but it has a greater impact on visual feeling.

So there are some results:

Earth atmospheric scattering Before:
earth bloom2

Earth atmospheric scattering After:
earth bloom

Saturn atmospheric scattering Before:
saturn bloom2

Saturn atmospheric scattering After:
saturn bloom

Titan atmospheric scattering Before:
titan bloom2

Titan atmospheric scattering After:
titan bloom

ssd21345 - - 175 comments

Seems hard to navigate and understand ingame. First, I wish there is other way easy to go into other ship view vby right clicking the ship in the list at the right-bottom corner of section map screen. I think it is also not obvious you could click on ship name to get into ship view.

Secondly, single character tab looks cool, but most people nowsaday doesn't know you can hover to get extra info. And it is completely broke for me at sector map so I don't know what the button does there. The game is already sugglish due to HTML inhernit limitation, I don't know why you want to make it more sluggish by making people don't know what they're doing.

Thirdly, I don't know how trade works either since there isn't a obvious way to see my listing, and I know player can buy it but I don't know if there are AI buy it. And I don't understand how to navigate to the system wide tradelink/blue page.

Finally, I don't know if there is any community to ask questions (e.g discord server or forum). I cannot find it anywhere.

And yeah... I'm kinda lock out of my account since the account is simultaneously in not inactive and active state since I never could get the verification code to my email... I checked spam folder and it wasn't there. I pressed send again it also haven't sent.

I wish you can delete account too if somehow I mess up my company completely.

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MartyOS Author
MartyOS - - 3 comments


I found your account,
you inserted email ending wtih @ yahoo.com.h and i think it does not exist, it should be yahoo.com.hk?

You can join game discord group on Discord.gg, link is in the game description, and you are right, i can put it to the top of page.

About other things in game logic: I'm grateful for your suggestions and I'd like to discuss them in more detail on discord.

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