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Our First Update. We have finially got the basics of our Samus Model done for the game. Also we our showing a new In game screenshot with out test HUD.

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Ok Prime is Underway so far we have had a very good start on the tormenting journey ahead. Just a New Model That is a WIP It is underway. The Shoulders are a work in progress the hand is going to be bigger and the guards and legs are going to be re done.

Introducing Samus:

User Posted Image

And our other two models already posted:

User Posted Image
User Posted Image

Also an Ingame screenshot of our W.I.P Hud. The Kurok Bullet count is going to be modified/taken away etc and we will be moving away from kurok and are going to build our engine from the ground up using quake very soon.

User Posted Image


Elementalist - - 732 comments


... But wow, that's a nice map. This will indeed be an interesting project. *tracked

... Even though I don't have a PSP. Heh.

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TCPixel - - 637 comments

wow, im proud of our team.

the samus model needs some work, but is coming along great!

i luv the hud so much, but it should be blue... but still good.

good job team!

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Jeffman12 - - 1,475 comments

Well, the HUD can be any color, really, it just needs some good ol' fashioned transparency. The actual visor looks pretty BA, though.

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Sarge127 - - 412 comments

Heh heh nice... :D Oh Windows 95?? is the S*** if your making mods... good for code.

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Biodude - - 2,029 comments

hey shallows, I am the guy with the engine you wanted help on, I wanted a metroid game on the psp,but I liked zombies more. I thought at first you were like the other 100 people who make a simple kurok mod and name it after a famous game to make them popular, while their game will never finish/sucks horribly. If you can show me more of this mod, I will be happy to help you with the engine.

My msn is snickers7795@hotmail.com

My aim is tbiodudet

My steam is biodude

I will be talking to you.

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joealtair - - 379 comments

nice hud not to keen on that samus though

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Jukki - - 841 comments

Ho did you edit hud. Ibwould like to make my own custom one

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Marc1k1 - - 216 comments

Looks alright, I will track this to
see where it leads.

I've got one request however, Make the controls easy please :D
The DS Metroid is hard as *** to control.

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