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New release: OpenLieroX 0.58 beta5. With advanced crash handling system, so all people with problems on earlier betas should try this out.

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There is a new release: 0.58 beta5

This took some more work, I worked almost non-stop the last 5 days on that. The outcome is Google Breakpad support. Most probably, you wont notice that at all. :) And even if there would be something to notice (like at least some message or so), I hope that you still will not notice it.

Google Breakpad is a very advanced crash reporting system. It's the same that is also used by Firefox. Though, the inclusion in OLX the way we did it made it even more complicated than it is in Firefox. Anyway, I hope it works on most systems and if not, you can easily disable it.

So for all people who had any crashes, please try out 0.58 beta5. Even if it still does not work for you, it will greatly help us in fixing the problems.

Despite the Breakpad support, some smaller fixes (default setting for iLives was wrong, CTF will drop the flag if a flagholder disconnects, ...).

Download: Openlierox.net

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