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The Book Of Resurrection is going to be getting an expansion (for free)!

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It seems like ages since I finally finished The Book Of Resurrection, and since the release I haven't touched it much. Earlier today, I managed to find a YouTube playthrough by someone called “Aero” who played through the entire game. I sat through my afternoon watching all five parts and decided to fix many of the problems which they found (though some were fixed already).

On top of fixing parts of the game, I decided that I will be releasing a free expansion for The Book Of Resurrection titled “One Year Later” (you may be able to get that bazooka yet ;)). This free expansion will be released early 2017 to celebrate the one year anniversary of the game.

The Book Of Resurrection 1.2.5 Update:

>Fixed some typos and character names appearing at the wrong times
>Changed the enemy name “Timmy” to “Friend” in pre-final Boss battle
>Timmy now no longer casts “MDF Shield Barrier” (this was a useless spell)
>Release date revealed for free expansion DLC at the end of the game

You can download The Book Of Resurrection 1.2.5 for free on GameJolt or IndieDB now!

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