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This game has been officially released on Steam!

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Release Date: 12/12/2021.

Dirty Fighter: Hollow Point City is a face-paced, 3D beat em' up game. In this game you will battle your way through 4 Large levels, and also 2 side-scrolling driving levels. The game starts with 3 unlocked/playable characters, but over 90 more characters can be unlocked, and used in the game! You can unlock characters by opening chests in the graveyard. Chests cost money to open, but you can earn money by defeating enemies during gameplay. Every character has different combos, and sequences of moves. Different combinations can be used to defeat enemies. Finding the right combinations is important! Please note: The driving levels have a built in clock... can you get the world record?

Game Modes

  • New Game - This is the regular mode of the game
  • Replay Mission - Allows you to replay missions (once beaten)
  • Controls - Where you can configure your controller or keyboard
  • Practice - Where you can test new characters & combos
  • Options - Where you can change the game options
  • Unlockables - "The Graveyard", where you unlock chests

Game Levels

  • Level 1 - Mean Streets
  • Level 2 - To the Club (driving level)
  • Level 3 - Strip Club
  • Level 4 - The Hood
  • Level 5 - Outta Town (driving level)
  • Level 6 - Laboratory

Items & Weapons

  • Baseball Bat - used to bash enemies.
  • Pipe - used to club enemies
  • Knife - used to stab (or throw) at enemies
  • Helmet - protects your head from getting hit for (5 hits)
  • Shield - protects your body from getting hit for (5 hits)
  • Cup - protects your groin (male & female characters) from getting hit for (5 hits)
  • Pizza - restores a small amount of health
  • Med Kit - restores all of your health
  • Green Orb - fills up a small amount of your rage meter
  • Blue Orb - fills up a medium amount of your rage meter
  • Red Orb - fills up a large amount of your rage meter
  • Money - earn money to unlock things

Game Plot

The year is 2045, and the world has changed into a far different place from what we remember. Dr. Eliza Kamen, an expert in biotechnology, and genetic engineering, has broken all the rules, and illegally pursued human cloning technology. After her unfortunate past, she decided to level the score, take over the world, and destroy all men in the process!
Dr. Kamen and her staff created 2 mind-alerting serums. Serum A for women, and Serum B for men. In which almost every person in the world has received against their will. Dr. Kamen's cloning device allows her to take over the world with sheer numbers alone, and her serums virtually eliminate all resistance groups.

A note has recently been distributed, and addressed to anyone who is not brainwashed. It reads as follows: Dr. Kamen’s laboratory, and her cloning device must be destroyed before it’s too late. If you are reading this, please do your part. The mind-altering effects will be reversed when the main computer is destroyed, and everyone will go back to what they were before. The world will slowly return to normal, and become peaceful again, as it once was. Please try your best, we need everyone we have.

Good Luck.

Download game here:

Watch a trailer here:

Email us here: hollowpointcity@gmail.com

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