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Post news RSS Odyssey of Dremid'ir, a JRPG, is about to welcome testers & any feedback!

Our 2D hand-drawn JRPG, Odyssey of Dremid'ir, has been in the works for nearly a year and will debut at Steam's Next Fest in June! We'd love your feedback, you can also test the game!

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Hey guys! We're approaching a pretty big milestone in our journey with Odyssey of Dremid'ir. From a tiny project, it's grown to be a huge passion of the team to craft the best possible version of OOD. Let me share its synopsis with you:

Odyssey of Dremid'ir is a story-driven, open world 2D RPG, set in the gritty hand drawn world of Dremid'ir; a fantasy world of monsters and magic, caught in a post-apocalypse after its god-like creators have been destroyed. In Odyssey, you play an unsuspecting magi, Codrin, on a quest to find safety and salvation in a world full of volatile magic, and creatures beyond reckoning, while exploring ruined cities, mountains, lost forests, and deep caverns.

Our game provides the classic, Chrono Trigger inspired JRPG combat formula (with several party members), hand-drawn beautiful visuals (as seen below), dynamic ambient music, a fantastic lore and more!

Other than that, we're about to release our first test build, so if anyone's interested in playtesting, providing feedback or just chatting with the devs, please head over to our Discord :) We're working hard to spread the word everywhere - we'd truly appreciate your interest or if you shared this project with anyone.

Links: 🔗 Discord 🔗 Steam 🔗 Twitter 🔗 YouTube

Thanks for reading, see you around! I'll leave these screenshots here :)

Deep Forest with the main character, Codrin

Temple of a Deity, Pammont, during sunset

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