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Post news RSS Oasis-Games Update January 26, 2008

This is an update posted by our lead, Bacon. He briefly talks about what's going on with Oasis-Games Underground, and what the core team is currently working on. Along with his explanation of what's gonna be gonna be keeping O-G Underground, above ground.

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Thought it was time for a general update!

First off, for those of you outside of the inner sanctum of the
core team, we'd like to say that there's been a TON of activity in the
private boards recently. In the past 24 hours I've read more posts here
than I think I've ever read on the Compiz-Fusion forum.
Anyway, we're working on revamping our weapon designs, and we have
plenty of new stuff. We're also hard at work filling up a private Wiki
with background information on everything in the Entropy universe. So,
basically, we're doing a ton of work.

Also, I can definitively say, for the first time in weeks, that OGU
will be back online within 48 hours! I bought a new 500 watt power
supply, new CPU fan, new heat sink with a copper plate, and a new tube
of silver-based thermal grease - all amazing upgrades from my 300 watt
PSU, broken generic CPU fan, old low-end heat sink, and mis-applied
ceramic thermal grease. The CPU is now running around 45-50 degrees
(Celsius), which is great, and the machine is working quite splendidly
with my x800 and 22" LCD. The final step is to, of course, get it back
online, which involves running an ethernet cable down through an air
vent that already has a coaxial cable in it, then, where that comes
out, throw it behind a wall and run it through a massive hole (plumbing
access panel type thing, only drywall and it continually falls and hits
my legs...) - and that's where OGU currently sits (and where I do most
of my work). Also need a new picture of my workspace now that it's
totally pimped out.

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