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A quick summary of the work already done and on the possible future of the NVA mod for the Armored Brigade video game.

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Hello everyone!

The NVA has been in steady development for some time now. Spanning through many version of the early development of the Armored Brigade and being steadfast in its goal of providing a realistic vibe of the East Germany Army in that game. Some time has passed since the latest 0.7a version was released. Now, the time has come to write what can be expected in the soon-to-be release version 0.7b of the mod.

The general early changelog of 0.7b:

  • Further minor fixes in the code
  • Some new extras added to the mod folder
  • Shortening of the East German IFV unit designation series "BMP-1 SP-1" to just "SP-1" for more clarity in the menu
  • New model for the NVA MiG-21bis ground attack plane
  • Introduction of proper national insignia decals for the various combat and support vehicles of the NVA
  • 'Recon' tab unit rooster now includes some prepared tanks, to be more in balance with other factions
  • Some different loadouts for several units
  • Kampfpanzer T-34-85 model 1969 tank unit added to the 'support' unit tab. The tank itself was still in use in the reserve line, thus it is within the 'support' unit category
  • New model for the combat helicopter gunship Mi-24V
  • Introduction of new experimental East German Fallschirmjäger (paratroopers) unit into the rooster
  • New transport unit, the UAZ-496B "Goat" utility jeep for the NVA
  • Experimental armed variant of the NVA SPW-40 recon vehicle.

This is the not the end of development. The development will continue possibly into the commercial version of Armored Brigade, especially with the general graphical update. I am open to any suggestions regarding the code or the implementation of certain features. :)

Stay tuned!

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