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Today Night-Terrors & I start our journey into the epic and ruthless realm of the indie game industry...wish us luck!

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After many countless hours and night working and polishing up Night-Terrors i'm finally ready to give it a piece of the spotlight. At first glance it may seem like nothing more but just another platform game with bad graphics, but this is certainly not the case. Night-Terrors brings a whole new twist to platform games.

What is Night-Terrors?

"Night-Terrors" is a challenging platform game with a rather dark and unique twist. It's not often that we look deep within ourselves, within the cracks and crevasses of our subconscious. "Night-Terrors" does just that.


You portray the life of a small child who constantly has night terrors, struggling to stay awake at night. Yet inevitably you slip into the realm of your subconscious. In this realm your worst fears and deepest sorrows come to life only to haunt you from within. There is no rescue on the way, no safety, no help; there is only you and the monsters inside your head.

Existing Features

  • 8 challenging and difficult levels
  • Numerous dangers, monsters, and surprises ;)
  • Fully functional HUD with a timer, death counter, and sanity meter!
  • Sanity system that determines exactly how your story will unfold and play out. But beware, if your sanity drops too low you go completely insane (thus your game save is deleted and you must start all over. Almost like a perma-death.)
  • Carefully implemented checkpoints to make your journey that much hard- I mean easier...
  • A fully functional shop (with some placeholder graphics for now)
  • A few placeholder sound effects, tracks, and Ambient sounds at the moment.

Planned Features

  • Completely new and improved art/graphics
  • A total of 40 levels for the initial release with 4 different realms or worlds
  • Hundreds of more dangers, monsters, and surprises <3
  • Various new perks and items for the shop
  • Highscores and a "Hall of Fame"
  • An underwater realm??
  • +More!
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