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"Nice to NO you" by "Quarantime Games" has hit the 1 year mark today.

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Nice to NO you - Patch 1.1

Mindreset Floor

(The new mindreset floor)

Nice to NO you by Quarantime Games got released exactly one year ago today!

Just in time, they've released the 1.1 patch including Quality of Life changes, german translations, the first linux build and price adjustments!


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(Showing the German Translation for a character)


  • German Translation
  • Skipable Intro (If a save game already exists)
  • Added Wilhelm Scream when the Red Button is pressed
  • The Answer from the Characters will now be written sequentially
  • Game Options when pressing "Play" in the Main Menu


  • Changed the Background in the Cutscene to match the other hallway
  • Added light flickering in the Cutscene when the lightnings start
  • M.A.I Dialogs are now fixed
  • Days won't be skipped anymore when going back to the Main Menu
  • Changed Fast-Forward animation
  • Reddit Button Texture
  • Changed the Goodbye Button in the second Character Selection Room
  • Splashscreen can now be skipped when pressing space

Store Changes:

  • This is the first update which contains a linux build
  • Price dropped from 7.99$ to 4.99$ (6.59€ to 3.99€)
  • Added minimal requirements for Steam OS & Linux

So this is the 1 year Anniversary update of Nice to NO you, BUT this isn't everything that has happened in 1 year! The developers are working hard on the next update which will be a bit bigger.

Preview for the next BIG Update

  • Steam Workshop Support

    • Tools to create your own characters
    • You will be able to upload and share your characters via the steam workshop
    • Settings to enable/disable custom characters for your new game session
  • A playable demo

    • Free to download via the Steam Store
    • Containing just a few hand-selected characters
    • You will get to play one in-game day and test the game

Of course the developers hope, that this update won't take another year. But the good news are: Many systems are already working and they are quite in the finishing phase. You will need just a little more patience!



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